Uncle Sam Wall Hanging
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Uncle Sam Wall Hanging

Create this whimsical wall hanging to celebrate Independence Day and remember our Forefathers - a perfect reminder to keep us mindful of the continued sacrifices made on our behalf.

Designed with Celeste Crockett, courtesy of Die Cuts with a View®.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Die Cuts with a View® Paper Pad: 12"x12" The Nantucket Stack®
  • Die Cuts with a View® Uncle Sam Template Printed from Michaels.com
  • Cardstock: Black (1) and White (4)
  • Foam Circle: 8 1/4" x 1 1/4", White
  • Chipboard Sheets, Moldable
  • Cardboard, 11"x5"
  • Rick Rack, 1/8", White, 20" Long
  • Wooden Ball: 1"
  • Paint Brush, Small
  • Acrylic Paint: White
  • Chalk: Pink
  • Q-tip Applicator
  • Paper Crafting Punch: 3/4" Circle
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Paper Crafting Adhesive
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Ruler
  • Pen: White

Project Instructions

Print and cut out all pieces for the face from the Uncle Sam Template. Start by using the foam circle as a template to trace around the outside. Make two circles on two sheets of white cardstock, adding ½" to the outside (will be folded over onto the side to create clean edges). Cut out.

Take out white glossy print from the Nantucket Stack®. Measure the width of the outside of the foam circle and cut strips from white glossy print that will be used to cover the sides (will need around 20" in length).

Using the plain white cardstock or the white glossy print, cut "hair" for the face making strips 3/8"-½" wide (approximately 30-36 strips). Wrap each strip (except last three) tightly around a pencil, pressing paper into pencil to create lasting curl. For last three strips, fold these up to create mustache. Cut these in thirds. Finish cutting the pieces for the face by using the template to cut out the eyes and eyebrows out of black cardstock.

Cover the wooden ball in white paint and set aside to dry.

Take both large circles and cut a fringe ½" deep around the entire circle. Adhere the center of the cardstock circle to the foam circle. Fold strips around the sides and adhere. Repeat on the opposite side.

Turn back to front side. Adhere eyebrows and eyes to the circle, beginning 2¾" down from the top and centering them on the head. Use white pen to add details to the eyes. Use pink chalk and Q-tip to create rosy cheeks. Adhere wooden nose just under eyes and between rosy cheeks with hot glue. Adhere folded strips in a circular pattern underneath the wooden nose to create the mustache. 

Attach upper section of curled papers to sides of foam circle to create hair. Cover these with the strips cut in Step 2.

For the hat, pull out five different prints, along with chipboard pieces, to make the top section. Cut out remaining pieces of Uncle Sam Template. Using the template pieces "Top Hat" and "Hat Band" trace and cut out four of each piece on the chipboard sheet. With the "Hat Band" piece, trace and cut out four from the same printed cardstock page. With the "Top Hat" piece, trace and cut out four different pieces from three different prints. Using the picture as a reference, adhere printed cardstock to the chipboard pieces and then adhere these together. Adhere a strip of rick rack in between each section of printed paper. Cut off a tapered rectangle that is 9" wide at the top and 7" wide at the bottom (5½" tall). Adhere this to the back of the hat with hot glue, slightly bending the front edges to meet with the sides. Finish off hat by cutting off piece of the last print to cover the very top of the hat. *If hanging this lower then eye level or displaying on a shorter surface, make sure top print overlaps 1" onto the back of the hat.

For brim of the hat, use the circular "Top Hat" piece from the template to trace the necessary shape onto a piece of cardboard. Cut this out with scissors or a craft knife. Next, trace the same pattern onto one piece of cardstock twice (to make two pieces), with the top piece being enlarged ½". Cut these out. Take the larger piece and cut a fringe ½" deep on the outside rounded edge. Adhere this piece to the top of the brim, folding over the cut edges onto the bottom. Adhere those to the bottom of the brim. Adhere the smaller piece to the bottom to finish off. In order to fill the gap on either side of the hat, cut two 1¼"x1¼" blue squares. Adhere these to the underside of the brim to cover the gaps.

Attach the top of the hat and the brim together with hot glue. Attach the hat to the top of the circle, with brim sitting 1" down from the top of the circle. *The blue squares used to cover the gaps will be used as the connection point between the head the brim of the hat.

Complete Uncle Sam by adding curled cardstock around the rest of the circle to form the rest of the beard.


When applying curled cardstock, apply 2 in each place to create a fuller curl.