Under the Sea Fantasy
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Under the Sea Fantasy

Brilliant colored fish swim around the sides of this glass canister making it the perfect accent in any room. This project can be used for storage, as a fish bowl, filled with sand and shells, or by itself to brighten any space. Barbara Matthiessen of Plaid
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Gallery Glass® Leading Blanks
  • Gallery Glass® Liquid Leading®
  • Gallery Glass® Window Colors, Amethyst
  • Gallery Glass® Window Colors, Citrus Yellow
  • Gallery Glass® Window Colors, Kelly Green
  • Gallery Glass® Window Colors, Lime Green
  • Gallery Glass® Window Colors, Royal Blue
  • Gallery Glass® Window Colors, Ruby Red
  • Canister, glass

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Make 2 copies of the fish pattern reversing one. (Some copy machines will make a mirror image.) Place the patterns under the leading blanks. Refer to the instructions on the leading bottle then trace over the pattern outlines onto the leading blank. Make 2 or 3 fish pointing one direction and at least 1 fish pointing the opposite direction. Set leading aside to dry completely.

Step: 2

Fill in the sections on the fish using a variety of Window Colors. Refer to the photograph for ideas. Comb through the Window Color to remove bubbles. Make sure the Window Color fills in all spaces between the leading lines. Set aside to dry.

Step: 3

Working on one side of the canister at a time draw on the sea plants using the 2 green Window Colors. Start at the base of the canister squeezing a wavy line up. Overlap and intermingle the plants and Window Colors on 4 sides of the canister. Set aside to dry.

Step: 4

Peel the painted fish off the leading blanks then position on the sides of the canister. Use a craft knife to cut away some or all plants underneath where the fish will be. Make a cut across the Window Color plant on both sides of the section you wish to remove then snap that section out with the side of the blade or a fingernail. We choose to leave some plants behind the fish.

Step: 5

Press the fish into place. Squeeze paint green Window Color plants over the fish if desired.


Make a number of painted fish patterns so you can add them to windows, mirrors, or other hard surfaces for a coordinated look.
Allow both the leading and glass color plenty of time to dry.
Trim excess leading with scissors or a craft knife. Use a toothpick to comb over Window Color or to pop any bubbles.

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