Viking Knit Earrings
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Viking Knit Earrings

Make beautiful and intricate earrings with the viking knit tool.

Designed by Mary Feliciano.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Landing™ Viking Knit Set
  • Bead Landing™ Wire, 24 ga. – Copper
  • Bead Landing™ Wire, 26 ga. – Copper
  • Bead Landing™ Ear Wires – Copper
  • Bead Landing™ Jump Rings – Copper
  • Bead Landing™ Wire, 20 ga. – Copper
  • Bead Landing™ Wire Cutter
  • Business Cards (3)
  • Sharpie® Marker

Project Instructions

To Set up Viking Knit Tool

Step 1 Take a spool of 20 ga. wire and wrap five times around the stack of three business cards. Leave an excess 3" wire then cut on mark.

Step 2 Slide the wires out of the stack of business cards.

Step 3 Take the 3" excess wire and wrap around ¾ of the way up on all looped wires. Take the opposite hanging wire end and repeat wrap on the same mark. This will be called “wrapped knot” throughout the instructions.

Step 4 Working from the ¾ end of wrapped wires, fold out all five loops until you have a daisy-like shape of loops evenly spaced out.

Step 5 Place the daisy-like loops on top end of the rod. The wrapped knot should be directly on the midpoint of the rod. (Tip: You can mark the middle point of rod with a Sharpie® to ensure correct placement.) Attach the topmost part of the folded daisy loops on the rod with a strip of tape.


To Make the Earrings

Note: It is suggested to start with a 26 ga. wire to complete the project.

Step 1 Cut one piece of 26 gauge wire at 1½ yards length. Insert wire all the way through loop 1 until there is only about 1½" of wire outside the loop. Twist wire ends on mark then move the shorter wire end towards the knotted loop. The longer end will be used to make the Viking Knit stitches.

Step 2 Take the longer end of wire then insert and pull through Loop 2 to create Viking Knit stitch 1.

Step 3 Repeat stitch until all loops have one stitch through. The Viking Knit stitch 5 should be through Loop 1.

Step 4 To start your second row (working towards the same direction): Insert and pull wire through the Viking Knit stitch 1. Repeat until the end of second row. Repeat technique until there is about 2½" in length of Viking Knit on tool.

Step 5 To end the Viking Knit: Finish your last row, leave at least 2" of wire on end.

Step 6 Cut the first row of Viking Knit wire along with the twisted wire end from Step 1. No wire should be attached to the daisy loop at this point. Caution: Be careful not to cut through the daisy looped wire as this can be reused for future Viking Knit wire projects.

Step 7 Slide down the Viking Knit Tube towards the bottom end of tube.

Step 8 Cut three pieces of the same 26 ga. wire, each in 5" length. Take the first 5" and insert through two opposite loops on the Viking Knit Tube. Take the second 5" and insert through the next opposite loops on Viking Knit Tube. Take the third 5" and insert though the last opposite loops. Each loop should have at least one wire inserted through it; one loop will have two wires. Take all wire ends, press together and twist all together to secure Viking Knit end.

Step 9 Repeat Step 8 on the opposite end of the Viking Knit Tube.

Step 10 Run Viking Knit Tube through paddle holes until the length of the Viking Knit Tube is at 3". Take wire ends from opposite ends of the Viking Knit Tube, press all the wires together, make a loop then wrap wires three times around the starting point of the loop. Cut excess wires.

Step 11 Open one jump ring, insert loop end of Viking Knit made in Step 10 and the loop end of one ear wire. Close jump ring.

Step 12 Repeat Steps 1-11 to make the second earring.


The photo of the earrings shows the slight thickness difference between a 26 ga. and 24 ga. wire when used for this project. However, it is suggested to start with a 26 ga. wire to complete the project.