Vintage Crystal and Sliders Chandelier
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Vintage Crystal and Sliders Chandelier

You can use jewelry pieces in so many unexpected ways. Dress up your light fixtures into a sparkling chandelier!
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Gallery® Vintage Sliders (or any beads of your choice)
  • Tiger Tail
  • Bead Landing™ Jump Rings
  • Crimp Beads
  • Crimping Pliers

Project Instructions

A.Longest front strand:

1. Using two of 30” tiger tail.

2. String 1 jump ring and 2 crimps beads, pass the tiger tail through the crimp beads, and crimp.

3. On double string, string 1 crystal beads then split the tiger tail in two separate ways.

4. String the crystal beads.

5. Take two the same metal sliders beads and facing back to back, push the tiger tail through the loops then repeat the same way on the other side then continue to stringing.

6. Reverse the same way as previously.

7. String 1 jump ring and 2 crimps,pass through the tiger tail and several beads then crimp.

8. Attach head pins on each side and bend as a s hooks to hang.


B.Short inside strand

Using two of 26” tiger tail, repeat the same way as the longest strand.



Take two sliders, and attach them facing backto back, take 4” of tiger tail push through the sliders loops ,use 1 jump ringto attach another double sliders and facing back to back, then take 6” tiger tail,and push through the loops the string all the crystal beads.

String the jumpring and crimp beads, pass thetiger tail through the crimp beads then crimp. Cut the excess wire.

Attach 1head pin, and bend and make hook S.