Vintage Stretch and Sparkle Bracelet
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Vintage Stretch and Sparkle Bracelet

Make a vintage inspired bracelet that sparkles with Bead Gallery vintage sliders.

Designed by Barb Switzer.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Sliders – Crystal-Studded Filigree Oval (3) and Square Crystal Dot (3)
  • Glass Faceted, 7x13mm – Silver (12)
  • Elastic Cord, 1mm – Clear (18")
  • Crimp Tubes, Large (2)
  • Cutters (or Sharp Scissors)
  • Chain Nose Pliers

Project Instructions

Cut two 9" pieces of elastic cord.

String a crimp tube onto the cord.

String a faceted bead, and an oval slider.

String another bead and a square crystal slider onto the cord.

Repeat until there are three of both types of sliders on the cord.

Repeat the stringing pattern with the second piece of elastic cord. Pull the tension tight on both cords.

Flatten the crimp tubes. Trim off any remaining elastic cord. If you need a larger size, use multiple beads between sliders, or use larger beads between the sliders.