Walk Like an Egyptian Costume and Body Art
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Walk Like an Egyptian Costume and Body Art

Tulip® Body Art™ Kits have everything you need to make fun tattoos and designs! The assortment of Face and Body Paints, Body Glitter, Body Crystals, Stencil Designs and Body Art Tools come with a 12-page how-to Body Art Booklet to make getting creative even easier. The professional-grade body paint applies evenly and washes off easily with just soap and water, and the Body Glitter and Body Crystals are easily removed with rubbing alcohol. You'll love the fun color combinations Tulip® Body Art™ offers in each kit! Kits store easily and can be used for dozens of events or projects.


Cosmetic-grade ingredients. Conforms to all FDA regulations and USA Safety Standards.

Costume supplies:

Scribbles® 3D Fabric Paint

  • Glittering Gold

Crafty Chica® Chunky Glitter

  • Goddess Gold

Black dress or black shirt



1. Stretch dress/shirt over the piece of cardboard.

2. Next use the chalk pencil to sketch design, using photo as a guide.

3. Once design is drawn out, cover over lines with Glittering Gold 3D Fabric Paint.

4. Once you have applied the paint and while the paint is still wet, sprinkle Goddess Gold Chunky Glitter over it.

5. Let your paint dry for 3 to 6 hours.

Body Art supplies:

Tulip® Body Art™ Face and Body Paint

  • Black

Tulip® Body Art™ Body Glitter

  • Gold and Blue Pack

Tulip® Body Art™ Stencil Pack

  • Nature

Tulip® Body Art™ Paintbrushes – round barrel

Tulip® Body Art™ Glitter Brush Set

1. Place a flower stencil from the Nature Body Art Stencil Pack on both cheeks.

2. Next brush Black Body Art Face and Body Paint over the stencil with a round barrel paintbrush.

3. While the stencil is still on, apply the Gold Body Glitter to the wet paint with a Glitter Brush, then peel off the stencil. Repeat around neck if desired.

4. Brush a striped design on arms with Black Face and Body Paint, referring to photo for inspiration.

5. Apply Gold Body Art Glitter over wet black paint.