Wedding Terrarium Table Centerpiece
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Wedding Terrarium Table Centerpiece

This terrarium centerpiece is a unique way to display table numbers on your big day. Your wedding guests will be impressed with the beautiful and whimsical design!

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Wine Glass, over-sized
  • Tree Stump (or wood slab)
  • Moss
  • Cardstock- Colors of Choice
  • Computer and Printer
  • Threads- Burlap
  • Artificial Flowers and Vines- Ranunculus, Cabbage Rose, Feather or Other Flower of Choice
  • Floral Accessories- Butterfly, Mushrooms or Other Accessory of Choice
  • Candle
  • Low Heat Glue Gun

Project Instructions

Tear off sections of moss and arrange as desired on top of stump (or wood slab). Use small dots of hot glue to secure the moss in place.

Print the table card and mount to cardstock as needed.

To embellish, wrap burlap threads around the top, glue a butterfly to the upper corner and some small ranunculus heads to the opposite lower corner. Then, using hot glue, secure a large flower head (such as a cabbage rose) to the back of the card to act as a prop.

Place the whole table card unit in the center of the base and quickly lower the over-sized wine glass over the top. Note that you might need to play with this a few times to get the positioning just right.

Using hot glue, secure the rim of the glass to the base and tuck in some additional moss to hide the glue.

Add additional embellishments around the glass as desired. Use small flower heads, some mushrooms and a single feather. Secure all using hot glue.

Using wired vines, tightly wrap the stem of the over-sized wine glass. No glue is needed as the wire will hold the vines in place, but will relax slightly after you wrap the stem. Add as many or as few vines depending on the desired density of coverage.

Tear off sections of moss and arrange as desired on bottom of the wine glass (which is now the top of your display). Use small dots of hot glue to secure the moss in place.

Add desired candle on top and secure with a little glue or melted wax as needed.


For this project we used a faux bois flower pot flipped upside down. When choosing yours, make sure to choose a base that is at least 4"-6" wider in diameter than the mouth of the wine glass.