Window Decorations
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Window Decorations

Easily extend your room decorating theme to your windows -- great for nurseries, play rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, etc.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Tag Board – Colors of Choice (4 Sheets Colors, 2 of Each Color)
  • Cellophane Wrap
  • Mylar Wrapping Paper
  • 3M® Super 77 Spray Adhesive
  • Colored String – Coordinated Color of Choice
  • Spray Paint, High Gloss (Optional)
  • Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Non-stick Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Circular Objects for Tracing
  • Ruler
  • Scotch® Magic™ Tape
  • Command™ Hooks, Small – Clear (6)

Project Instructions

Trace 3" circles onto each sheet of tag board. Trace a slightly smaller diameter circle inside of each to create a donut outline.

Cut out each circle of tag board and the inner circles. You will have (18) disks of each color and (18) donuts in each color.

Using the tag board disk as your guide, trace and cut 18 disks of cellophane wrap and (18) disks of Mylar paper. Be sure to allow an extra ¼" diameter in these disks so they will overlap the inner space of your tag board donuts.

Cut (30) 9" lengths of string.

In a well-ventilated, masked off area, spray one side of a tag board donut. Move the donut to a clean sheet of paper and center the Mylar disk over the donut. Place and press to secure the bond.

Place the tip of a length of string onto the edge of the adhesive-sprayed donut.

Center a second tag board on top of the prepared string/Mylar/tag board unit and press to secure the bond.

Repeat step , linking each tag board unit to another using the lengths of string. Assemble five tag board units per strand. You should end with six strands, with some extra left over. Be sure to alternate Mylar and cellophane wrap and alternate tag board colors to create a pleasing pattern.

Using Scotch® Magic™ tape to attach the tag board disks to the center of each length of string between every two units.

Use Scotch® Magic™ tape to attach the final six pieces of string in loops to the top tag board unit on each strand.

Affix six Command™ clear small hooks (following all package instructions) to the top of the window frame. Wait one hour before hanging a strand on a hook.


Adult supervision is required at all times.