Wine & Cheese Party Wine Charms
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Wine & Cheese Party Wine Charms

There’s nothing like a fine wine, great tasting cheese, and wonderful friends. Sounds like a party! Designed by Candice Davis, Plaid Creative Team
Craft Time: 30 minutes
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Material List

  • Plaid® Fresh™ Jewelry - Accessories - Earrings Set
  • Plaid® Fresh™ Jewelry - Metal Pendants & Charms - Leaves Set
  • Plum Beads
  • Jewelry Pliers

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Take apart metal ring by bending the curved end straight.

Step: 2

Slip on 4 plum beads, then small Leaf Charm, followed by 4 more plum beads, then a large Leaf Charm, then 4 more plum beads, another small Leaf Charm, and finally 4 more plum beads.

Step: 3

Take same end that you bent straight and bend back into curve.

Step: 4

Hook to bottom of the wine glass.


Make each charm a little different by using different combinations of the Leaf Charms and/or other bead colors