Wire Beaded Bracelet
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Wire Beaded Bracelet

This stunning bracelet uses Beadalon® wire and Bead Gallery® beads to make a natural and unique look.

Designed by Cindy Becker.

Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Beadalon® Round Wire, 20 ga. – Antique Brass (32")
  • Beadalon® Chain Nose Pliers
  • Beadalon® Wire Cutters
  • Beadalon® Round Nose Pliers
  • Beadalon® Bent Nose Pliers
  • Bead Gallery® Oval/Round Beads – Jasper
  • Bead Gallery® Curved Cabochon, 10x35mm – Jasper
  • Awe (Optional)
  • Sharpie® Permanent Marker – Black
  • Beadalon® GS Hypo Glue
  • Ruler

Project Instructions

Step 1 Before cutting wire, write on five separate pieces of paper the names listed at the end of Steps 2-6. These will be used to label each wire and identify which one to use.

Step 2 Cut two 5" pieces of 20 ga. wire – Center of Bracelet.

Step 3 Cut four 3" pieces of 20 ga. wire – Bead Links.

Step 4 Cut six 1" pieces of 20 ga. wire – Figure 8 Links.

Step 5 Cut one 4" piece of 20 ga. wire – Clasp Hook.

Step 6 Using Beadalon® bent nose pliers, feed one of the 5" pieces of wire through the large curved Jasper Cabochon. Pull wire until you have approximately ½". Use the awl to help feed the wire through.

Step 7 Using Beadalon® chain nose pliers, wrap the ½ tail two times around the bottom loop.

Step 8 Repeat with opposite side and set aside. This will be the center of your bracelet.

Step 9 Gather four 3" pieces of 20ga to make bead links. Set aside.

Step 10 Using the black Sharpie®, make a mark on Beadalon® round nose pliers. This will help keep all links same size.

Step 11 Position wire on black mark, (round nose pliers), and about ¼" up the wire make a loop.

Step 12 While wire is still in position, use Beadalon® chain nose pliers to wrap end around bottom of loop twice.

Step 13 Slide on small/oval/small beads and repeat Steps 12 and 13 to finish loop.

Step 14 Trim end and using Beadalon® chain nose pliers, press all sharp ends down. These will be your bead links.

Step 15 Repeat Steps 12-15 until you have a set of four bead links.

NOTE: Make shorter links for smaller size bracelets.

Step 16 All links should be identical in size.

Step 17 Take one of the four 1" pieces of wire and place end on the same mark you made on the round nose pliers. Make a complete loop; however, leave end open slightly.

Step 18 Slide wire off the pliers.

Step 19 Where loop ends, reposition wire on the black mark and make loop, (bending it in opposite direction so the wire now forms a figure 8).

Step 20 Trim end.

Step 21 Repeats Steps 18-21 for four more figure 8’s.

Step 22 Slide open end of figure 8 onto the end of the bead link and close that loop with round nose pliers.

Step 23 Repeat with opposite end of figure 8

Step 24 Repeat Steps 18-21. You should now have two separate sets of bead links, each measuring approximately 2¼". These will be used for the left and right sides of the bracelet.

Step 25 You will now work with the center of the bracelet. Using largest part of round nose pliers, wrap one end of the wire to form a loop.

Step 26 Before removing from pliers, wrap wire three times to secure wire. DO NOT TRIM excess wire.

Step 27 Using round nose pliers, make small loop on wire end. Using chain nose pliers, begin to curl toward bracelet center, forming a swirl design.

Step 28 Position swirl over end of center cabochon.

Step 29 Repeat with opposite side.

Step 30 Glue swirls onto center cabochon.

Step 31 Using the remaining two 1" pieces of wire, make two more figure 8's, (see Steps 18-21).

Step 32 Using one of the figure 8’s, attach center of the bracelet to one of the bead links.

Step 33 Repeat with opposite side.

Step 34 Using one 4" piece of wire, take round nose pliers and make small loop, then wire wrap it twice to secure.

Step 35 Make a ¼" small bend (forming a hook) using your round nose pliers. This will be your bracelet clasp.

Step 36 At the end of the clasp, make a very small loop. This must be small enough to fit into the loop on the opposite bead link.


For shorter bracelets reduce number of beads on each bead link. (Can use same pattern to make a necklace, adding beads to extend length.)