Jewelry Twists Wire Wrapped Bead Necklace
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Jewelry Twists Wire Wrapped Bead Necklace

Here’s a twist for wire wrapping! Combine with Jewelry Twist components and beads to create a multi-layered necklace that will surely turn heads.

Designed by Wendy Cooper

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Jewelry Twist Strands – Gold and Chocolate
  • Oblong Bead, 1½"
  • Oblong Beads, 1" (3)
  • Wire Piece18ga, 14" – Brown
  • Wire Piece 18ga, 12" (3) – Brown

Project Instructions

Make a 7mm to 8mm loop on one end of a 12" piece of wire, twisting short end down about ¼". Thread a 1" bead onto long end of wire.  Decoratively wrap wire around bead two or three times, working wire upwards to the top where loop is. Wrap wire around the ¼" wire space between the loop and the bead. Trim as needed so wire end is in back.  

Repeat with the other two 1" beads using 12" wire pieces. Then repeat again with the 1½" bead using the 14" piece of wire.  

Cut the Gold and Chocolate Jewelry Twist strands so you have two very long strands. Fold the Chocolate strand in half. Thread on one 1" wired bead and position so it hangs at fold. Make two knots on either side of the bead (four knots total). Thread another 1" bead on either side of the first (center) bead so all three beads are hanging in a row. Make a knot on either side of the row of three beads.  

Fold Gold Jewelry Twist in half. Thread on the 1½" wired bead and hang at fold. Knot once on either side.  

To attach the two strands, loosely knot the Chocolate strand, on either side, about 4½" above the series of knots holding the 1”wired beads. Slide ends of the Gold strand through the loose knots just made on the Chocolate strand. Pull Gold strands through so that1-1/2” wired bead hangs just above the 1” beads. Tighten Chocolate strand knots, holding the Gold strand in place.  

On either side of necklace, knot both the Gold and Chocolate strands together about 2" above the last Chocolate strand knots.  

Trim Gold strands so they are equal in length to the Chocolate. To wear, use strands to tie necklace in back of neck.


Refer to photo for project details.