Witch Candy Plate
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Witch Candy Plate

This clever clay pot witch candy plate is sure to add a festive touch to your Halloween table. Fill the saucer with your choice of Halloween candy or treats.


Designed by Jean Kievlan for DecoArt® Americana®

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • DecoArt® Dura Clear Varnish
  • American Painter® Paintbrushes (3/4-inch Wash, #8 and #4 Shader, #1 Round)
  • Tall Clay Pots (3-¾-inch, 3-inch)
  • Clay Saucer (10-inch diameter)
  • Wood Knob Head (2-inch)
  • Wood Beads (2, 1-inch)
  • Small Wood Button Plug
  • Spanish Moss
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paper Plate
  • Brush Bin
  • Pink Powder Blush
  • Needle
  • Heavy Duty Black Thread
  • Scissors
  • Black Felt

Project Instructions

Paint the inside of the saucer Cadmium Yellow.

Paint the rim Bright Orange. Shade the top edge of the Cadmium Yellow saucer with Bright Orange.

Paint the lower exterior part of the saucer Wild Orchid Paint Ebony Black checks on the saucer rim using a #8 shader brush.

Paint the outside top rim of the saucer Ebony Black.

Paint the largest pot Wild Orchid. Shade the edge of the rim with Ebony Black.

Paint the smaller pot Tangelo Orange.

Paint Ebony Black stripes around the pot. Paint the ball head, 2 beads and button plug Light Hauser Green.

Paint 3 small stars Cadmium Yellow, then shade the right edges with Bright Orange.

Cut a 4 ½-inch x 17-inch piece of Black felt.

Measure in from each short edge of fabric 4-½-inch then cut a 1-inch armhole slit down from the top edge of the felt.

Gather across the top edge of the felt with a needle and heavy-duty Black craft thread. Be sure to go from edge to edge, stitching right over the armhole slits. Set dress aside.

Cut a 10-inch x 3-inch piece of Black felt.

Fold long edges in to meet each other, overlap one long edge over the other slightly and then glue sleeve seam.

Glue a painted bead in each arm.

Cut a 3-inch circle and a 6-½-inch x 6-½-inch x 10-inch triangle of Black felt.

Fold long edges of triangle together, overlap slightly, and then glue.

Trim bottom of triangle flush.

Glue top of hat to circle hat brim.

Glue head to bottom of Lavender pot.

Glue button plug nose on face.

Let dry, and then dot eyes and paint mouth with Ebony Black.

Let dry. Insert arms through armhole slits in cape.

Glue center of arms to back of Witch’s neck.

Pull up gathering threads on cape tightly, and then tie off securely at front of neck.

Make a “nest” of Spanish moss, then glue on head for hair.

Glue hat on head.

Glue two stars on front of body, and one on hat.

Rub cheeks with Pink powder blush.

Position witch on top of Orange striped pot.

Note: You may glue the witch on the pot if you wish.

Apply a coat of Dura Clear Varnish to seal the clay saucer.

Place witch on saucer, fill saucer with candy.


Glue moss hair on the witch’s head with a hot glue gun.