Boye® Wolf Slippers
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Boye® Wolf Slippers

Have fun making these wild and wooly slippers for yourself or someone you are crazy about!

Designed by Drew Emborsky, “The Crochet Dude”

Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Color A: 2 skeins Super Bulky 100% Acrylic Yarn 104 yds (95 meters)/5 oz (140 grams)
  • Color B: 2 skeins Super Bulky 100% Acrylic Yarn 104 yds (95 meters)/5 oz (140 grams)
  • (Original model made using Loops & Threads "Country Loom", colors #01011 Regal Earth (A) and #01007 Warm Cream (B)
  • Boye® US L/11 (8mm) or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Yarn Needle
  • Stitch Markers
  • Scissors
  • Flat Elastic (1yd 1/2" flat elastic)
  • Boye® Suede Slipper Soles (1 pair in appropriate size)
  • Soft Bristled Hairbrush
  • Sewing Needle
  • Small Amount of Thread
  • Faux Bear Claws (8)

Project Instructions

ch – chain
pm - place marker
rem – remaining
rep – repeat
RS - Right Side
rnd –round
sc - single crochet
sc2tog - single crochet 2 stitches together
sl st - slip stitch
sp – space
WS - Wrong Side
yo - yarn over hook 

Small (9") fits women’s sizes 6-7 1/2
Medium (9 1/2") fits women’s sizes 8-8 1/2
Large (10") fits women’s sizes 9-10 or men’s 7-8 

In sc, 8 sts & 8 rows = 4" 

Special Stitches
Loop st – (worked on the WS of the fabric) Insert the hook into the next st, wrap the yarn around index finger twice, insert hook through all loops on finger, being careful to hook all loops, draw through st, remove finger from loops,yo and draw through all loops on hook, pulling each loop towards back of fabric (RS) to tighten. 

Directions (Make 2)
With A ch 33, join with a sl st to first ch to form ring, being careful not to twist ch. 

Foundation Round
Work sc in each ch around, pm in last sc. – 33 sts

Rnd 1 – 6: (WS) Loop st in each sc around. 

Top of Slipper
Rnd 7: Loop st in first st, ch 16(20, 24), sk 4 sts of Rnd 6, loop st in each st to end of rnd-29 sts, 16(20, 24) ch.

Rnd 8: Loop st in each sc and each ch around-45(49, 53) sts.

Rnds 9-13: Loop st in each st around-45(49,53) sts.

Fasten off.

Flatten slipper so that the ch-24 loop from Rnd 7 folds in half and forms a seam. With length of yarn, WS (loop side) together, starting from the cuff, skipping first 2 and last 2 chs, whipstitch seam together. Whipstitch skipped chs to skipped 4 sts on Row 7.

Turn Slipper Top RS out. Center heel on back seam of sole bottom with center of toe matched to center front. Pin evenly around (safety pins or split ring markers work well). With needle and yarn, stitch slipper top to sole. 

Fold cuff to inside, making sure "fur" is on the outside of fold, and whipstitch top of cuff to top of sts along Rnd 6. 

Weave 10" length of flat elastic in and out of sts of Rnd 1, sew short ends of elastic to each other to secure. 

With scissors, carefully cut each loop. Using hairbrush, brush each strand of yarn until it reaches desired fluffiness. 

Insert 4 bear claws evenly along front edge of slipper just above the slipper/sole join. Secure into place with yarn.

Weave in all ends. 

Care Instructions
Slipper sock soles are hand washable with mild detergent. Consider the yarn you used to make your slipper socks before washing. After washing and rinsing, gently squeeze out excess water. Stuff with clean paper or cloth to retain shape. Allow to air dry.


Notes: All odd numbered rnds are stitched with A; all even numbered rnds are stitched with B. Change colors by dropping the last color used, pick up the previous color one row below, ch 2 to bring it up to the right height. Then continue on as instructed. 

Because of the nature of the loop stitches the slipper is stitched with the loops on the inside, then seamed along top of foot. Then the cuff and top are turned right side out, with the loops on the outside, and then sewn onto slipper sole. 

You will be starting at the top of the cuff, and working toward the foot. Slippers are worked in continuous rounds. Do not join rounds or turn after rounds.