Woodland Friends Ornaments
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Woodland Friends Ornaments

Create these darling woodland friend ornaments with Craftsmart™ paint and plain porcelain ornaments.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • CraftSmart Acrylics:
  • CS400 White
  • CS405 Red
  • CS408 Yellow
  • CS411 Green
  • CS412 Avocado
  • CS416 Burnt Sienna
  • CS417 Brown
  • CS419 Black
  • CS430 Sailing Blue
  • CS435 Golden Brown
  • CS436 Dark Grey
  • CS133 Red
  • Stocking, star, and traditional porcelain ornaments
  • #1, #2 flat shader brush
  • 10/0 liner brush
  • 10/0 spotter brush
  • Water container
  • Palette or plastic plate
  • Paper towels
  • Tracing and transfer paper
  • Stylus or ballpoint pen
  • Toothpick

Project Instructions

1. Wash ornaments in soap and water; dry. Use as many coats of paint as

necessary to cover completely.

2. Copy patterns onto tracing paper. Transfer onto corresponding ceramic

ornament with graphite transfer paper underneath, using stylus or ballpoint


Raccoon ornament

3. Using 10/0 spotter brush, basecoat raccoon’s body, head, and stripes on

his tail with 2: 1 mixture of Dark Grey + White.

4. Basecoat raccoon’s mask and alternating tail stripes Black.

5. Using #2 shader brush, basecoat sweater Avocado. Using liner brush, line

in zigzag patterns with Green. Using #1 shader brush, paint gloves Green.

6. Using #1 shader brush, paint skis Golden Brown.

7. Using 10/0 spotter brush, paint hat Red and trim and ponpom, White.

8. Using #2 shader, paint sky Sailing Sky and snow, White.

9. Using spotter brush, paint muzzle and eyebrows White.

10. Using Black, dot in eyes with toothpick and nose with handle end of small


11. Using 0/0 liner brush, line around raccoon, skis, snow, and snowflakes

with Black.

Owl ornament

12. Using #2 shader brush, basecoat tree Brown. Use 10/0 spotter brush to

paint branches Brown.


13. Using#1 shader brush, paint owl with 2:1 mixture of Burnt Sienna + White;

owl’s scarf, Red; and hole in tree, Black.

14. Using #1 shader brush, paint snow over hole and on branches White.

15. Using #1 shader brush, paint star Yellow.

16. Using 10/0 spotter brush, paint owl’s beak with 1:1 mix of Red + Yellow

and eyes, White.

17. Using toothpick, dot in owl’s eyes with Black.

18. Using #2 shader brush, basecoat sky Sailing Blue.

19. Using handle end of large paintbrush, dot in snowflakes with White.

20. Using 10/0 liner brush, line around owl, tree branches, snow, snowflakes,

and star with Black. Mix Brown + Black 3:1 and line in tree bark lines.

21. Using 10/0 liner brush and Green, line in pine needles.

Hedgehog ornament

22. Using # 1 shader brush, basecoat hedgehog’s coat Brown. Using 10/

0 spotter brush, basecoat face, hands, and feet with 1:1 mix of Golden

Brown + White.

23. Using #1 shader brush, basecoat package Red.

24. Using 10/0 spotter brush, paint gift bow Green; scarf, Red; and sled,


25. Using #2 shader brush, paint sky Sailing Blue and snow, White.

26. Using handle end of small paintbrush, dot in nose with Black.

27. Using end of toothpick, dot in eye with Black.

28. Using handle end of large paintbrush, dot in snowflakes with White.

29. Using 10/0 liner brush and Black, line around hedgehog, his bristles,

mouth, package, scarf, snow, and snowflakes.


Allow to dry between steps

Craft Notes

Crafted for Michaels by Barbara Greve.