Woven Kwanzaa Memory Page
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Woven Kwanzaa Memory Page

Weaving is a strong theme in Kwanzaa decor. Record your family celebration with this unique memory page. Exclusive to Michaels.com
Craft Time: 30 minutes
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Material List

  • Decorative Stamp, Accent Swirl
  • Adhesive Cartridge
  • Create-A-Sticker Machine
  • Glue stick
  • Paper, black
  • Paper, green
  • Paper, red
  • Photo
  • Rubber stamps, small

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Cut 1 inch strips from papers: 1 from red, 1 from green and 2 from black. Position on full page of black paper, using a glue stick to stick down about an inch on either end.

Step: 2

Cut two 3-inch pieces from 1-inch strips of black and glue over ends of strips on memory page.

Step: 3

Weave strips of raffia through paper strips, working back and forth. Allow raffia to loop around strips loosely. Glue ends in place behind strips.

Step: 4

When strips are completely woven with raffia, slide glue stick behind strips on either side to anchor weaving in place. Don't worry about sticking the whole piece down.

Step: 5

Trim photo or photocopy to desired size. Run through the Xyron machine.

Step: 6

Cut a piece of green paper 1&½inches x 2-inches. Use this paper for journaling, recording any information about your photo. We used our computer to add captions, but many scrapbookers prefer to letter by hand using acid-free pens or markers. When you've completed your journaling, run paper through the Xyron machine.

Step: 7

Cut a piece of red paper 3-inches x 4-inches. Adhere green journaling paper to this piece, using photo as guide for placement. Run through the Xyron machine.

Step: 8

Stamp designs on red piece as desired.

Step: 9

Arrange pieces on page, using photo as guide. When pieces are positioned properly, adhere to page.


This project can also be completely assembled using a glue stick.