Xyron Tips & Techniques



  • Prior to using the machine make sure the cartridge is correctly installed. For Xyron 900, replace the Input Tray after installing the cartridge. The tray holds cartridge in place and helps eliminate waste.
  • Repositionable (removable) adhesive does not leave residue on most surfaces and is safe for windows, painted walls, doors, etc.
  • To ensure clean edges, trace your item with a stylist or a pen before removing clear mask.
  • If excess adhesive appears around the edges of an item, simply wipe it away with your fingers or use a piece of saran wrap or rubber cement pick-up. The adhesive removes without sticking to hands.
  • To eliminate wrinkles in the laminate, run a piece of corrugated cardboard (approximately 4-inches square) or a strip of paper with multiple folds through the machine. This will force the rollers to separate and allow the laminate or adhesive material to pull itself back into alignment.
  • Pre-wash fabric to remove sizing before applying adhesive to fabric.
  • To apply stickers to a laminated item, wipe off the laminate with the rubbing alcohol. This will remove the silicone coating on the laminate that does not let adhesive stick.
  • When laminating or applying adhesive to punch art using Xyron 900, remove the Input Tray, flip the paddle over and feed your items directly through the rollers.
  • Write on laminate with Dry-Erase markers.
  • Laminating is permanent and is not recommended for one-of-a-kind items. Make copies of photos and other valuable documents for lamination.
  • It is not necessary to leave a border around laminated items when cutting them out (as in the case of heat laminators). Even cutting through the laminated item will not cause the laminate to separate.
To maximize your cartridge material use, arrange small items (without overlapping them) on the Input Tray.       





  • Run your item face down to apply adhesive to the front. Decorate with glitter. Great for adding sparkle and glitz to Holiday Ornaments and other projects.


  • Punch Art Reverse Technique: Run a sheet of colored paper through the Xyron and then punch it out with a punch or die-cutting machine (as opposed to running punch outs themselves).
  • To make and protect items for future use, do not remove the clear mask after running them through the Xyron. Such items are easy to transport and won’t collect dust.


  • Use Xyron repositionable adhesive to create Temporary Plate Décor. Buy clear plates and measure the bottom circle. Create artwork on your computer to fit the bottom of the plate. Run the circles face down through Xyron repositionable adhesive and stick to the bottom of the plate. The design will show through the plate. This is great for Birthday and Holiday parties. Save the white paper liner, to replace on the circle for later use.
  • To create overlay look on a scrapbook page, album cover, or a card, place a Xyron made sticker (ex: bear, hearts, any photo or die-cut) extending over the edge. Dust the exposed adhesive with baby powder to prevent unwanted sticking.
  • Use Xyron for Tissue and Crepe paper. Xyron adhesive does not cause the color to bleed and it doesn’t get any cheaper than tissue paper for creating fun projects. Crinkle the paper to create texture.
  • For easier alignment, when applying a full sheet of paper to a scrapbook page, peel off the white paper liner as you stick it to the page.
  • 2-in-one Frame: When applying adhesive or magnet to frames, eliminate waste by placing an appropriately sized die-cut or clip art in the middle of the frame and run them through the Xyron together.
  • Save material by stacking items when making different size stickers. Put a larger item on top of a smaller item (make sure the small item is away from the edge of the large item) and run them both through the Xyron adhesive together. Adhesive will be applied edge to edge on the smaller item and on the larger item everywhere except where the small item was.
  • Mosaics are easily made with Xyron adhesives. Run items through the Xyron and then cut to the desired shape and size. It’s simpler than applying adhesive to hundreds of small pieces.
  • Run the stencil through Xyron repositionable adhesive. Place it on the wall or furniture pieces to be painted. Simply lift up the stencil and reposition to create the desired pattern.
  • Accordion booklets (ex: photo booklets, recipe card booklets): Use Xyron Laminate to put together Accordion booklets. Run the decorated cardstock pieces one after the other while leaving half an inch of space between them. Fold in an accordion style. Also, use Xyron Laminate as the material for see-through placemats. Choose flower die-cuts or any other design and space them 2 inches apart.


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