Yarn Ornaments
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Yarn Ornaments

Use smaller water balloons for these smaller projects. Use larger balloons to create outdoor lanterns with the same technique!
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Lily Sugar 'n Cream, small

Lily Sugar 'n Cream


Material List

  • Yarn, Cotton
  • Plaid® Stiffy™ Fabric Stiffener
  • Water Balloons, Small
  • Glitter - Color of Choice
  • Scissors
  • Zip-close Bags

Project Instructions

Inflate small water balloons with air, keeping a round shape. Knot to close.

Pour Stiffy™ into a small zip-close bag.

Cut a couple yards of yarn and submerge in Stiffy™. Make sure yarn is saturated.

Remove yarn. Beginning at one end, pull yarn between fingers while squeezing to remove excess mixture.

Drape and wrap wet yarn over balloon. Secure cut ends under wrapped yarn.

Repeat process and continue until entire balloon is wrapped, overlapping some yarn, but also leaving gaps.

Drop wrapped balloon into glitter that has been poured into a bag. Once covered, take out and set aside to dry. (Approximately 24 hours.)

Pop balloon in center and pull out balloon pieces.