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Year Round Yarns From Lion Brand


Newer yarns designed for year 'round wearing and crafting are a perfect reason to keep your needlework going in any season. If you live in a warm climate, using these yarns throughout the year may be a pleasant and fashionable option.

Sunny Colors For Sunshine Days

Light and bright are the two the watchwords for colors in warmer weather. When the sun is brighter, lively colors look just right. This is the time to consider hotter colors like oranges, yellows and reds. Look to the ocean for turquoises and blues and greens. Of course, we can't forget white, cream and softened pastels that sparkle on summer days.

Oh So Easy Cotton-Ease

Why choose a cotton-blended yarn? The first thing a blended yarn offers is a lighter feel and weight. 100% cotton yarns are heavier and denser than blends. Adding acrylic to cotton offers the best of both worlds for the knitter or crocheter. The blended yarn is softer and suppler, and it doesn't have the stretching or shrinkage problems of all-cotton yarns. The beautiful colors associated with all-cotton yarns are still there, since this blended yarn dyes in a full range of shades.

Cotton-Ease is a medium-weight yarn. This means that it can be substituted for patterns calling for a worsted-weight yarn, and that it can be worked more quickly than finer weights. It wears well, which makes it ideal for children's garments.

Pieces made from Cotton-Ease are soft to the touch and comfortable, without that itchy, scratchy feeling sometimes associated with other yarns. The natural fiber in the yarn allows it to be made up into a breathable fabric that's not too warm or confining, which is especially important when making garments for young children and babies.

Cotton-Ease is not just made for garments. It can be used for summer throws and other pieces for the home. The colorations allow you to work with cheery shades not found in other yarns.

Marvelous Microspun

Microfiber is made using a new technology, and the outcome is a soft, easy-care yarn. The yarn is soft to the touch, but extremely durable, with a nice sheen and clear, rich colorations.

Microspun is a sportsweight yarn, and can be used for any patterns calling for this weight of yarn. It is good for both knitting and crocheting, and like Cotton-Ease, it is a comfortable yarn to wear.

Color Coordinate

With both Cotton-Ease and Microspun, it's fun to combine colors. Creating successful color combinations is sometimes daunting if you don't have experience in making such choices, or aren't working with a pattern that outlines specific colors that work well together.

Start with simple color combinations. Stripes are very fashionable , especially colorful stripes. Stripes provide a very easy way to combine several colors when knitting or crocheting.

It's easiest to mix colors with similar tones. When working with Cotton-Ease and Microspun, you can most likely work all the colors within a single category together. Pastels will look lovely with other pastels, mid-tone colors will coordinate with other mid-tones, rich brights will bring out the best in other rich brights and neutrals will accent other neutrals.

As an example, Cotton-Ease Cherry Red, Orangeade and Pineapple all fit into the rich bright category, and would make a nice striped sweater for a child. Think about which color would look best as the main color and how it will be worn. A Cherry Red sweater with various size Orangeade and Pineapple stripes is a pleasing combination that could be worn with both khakis and jeans.

Neutral combinations are also easy to achieve. Combining black, off white or white with another neutral such as taupe is an elegant, understated way to work stripes. Such combinations work well for adults as well as children. Try working Microspun Ebony, French Vanilla and Mocha together for a lovely striped combination.

Neutral colors such as black and white also look great with brights. You can combine several brights with a neutral in one garment to create a stunning fashion statement.

Child's sweater made with Cotton-Ease yarn.Zoom In
  Child's sweater made with Cotton-Ease yarn.
Child's sweater made with Cotton-Ease yarn.Zoom In
  Fashionable shawls made from Microspun.