Your Crafty Heart T-Shirt
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Your Crafty Heart T-Shirt

Wear your heart on your sleeve, literally! This crafty tee is hard to resist when you see how fun it is to use Tulip® One-Step Dye™ and Tulip® Tie-Dye Resist.

Designed by Pattie Donham Wilkinson, courtesy of iLoveToCreate®.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Tulip® Fashion Art Resist™, small

Tulip® Fashion Art Resist™

 Tulip® Craft Gloves™, small

Tulip® Craft Gloves™


Material List

  • Tulip® Fashion Art Tie-Dye Resist
  • Tulip® One-Step Dye Kit™ – Red and Fuchsia
  • Tulip® Fashion Form™
  • T-shirt – White
  • Plastic Tablecloth
  • Paper Towels
  • Water
  • Spray Bottles (2)
  • Tulip® Craft Gloves™

Project Instructions

Pre-wash shirt without fabric softener to remove sizing.

Place Tulip® Fashion Form™ inside shirt, waxy side up.

Using generous amounts of Tulip® Tie-Dye Resist, draw random hearts on shirt starting at the top left shoulder and moving diagonally across to the bottom right side of shirt. Let dry overnight.

Cover work surface with paper towels.

Wearing plastic gloves, add water to dye bottles, filling to line. Replace caps tightly. Shake until dye is dissolved. Pour into spray bottles.

Spray red dye on left side of shirt, being careful not to saturate lines of Tie-Dye Resist.

Spray fuchsia dye on right side of shirt, and again be careful not to saturate the lines of Tie-Dye Resist.

Wrap tee in plastic tablecloth and let set for six to eight hours.

Wash and rinse dyed shirt on the longest cycle to remove Tie-Dye Resist and to ensure extra dye is removed. (Be sure to wash separately for the first few washes.)


Give the Tie-Dye Resist plenty of time to set for the best results.