Zebra Print Tank Top
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Zebra Print Tank Top

Add a zebra print to make a boring shirt wild!

Designed by Hunter Cordell.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Americana Zebra Border Stencil
  • Tulip Fashion Graffiti Marker-Black
  • Yudu T-shirt Platen

Project Instructions

Place shirt around t-shirt platen.

Lay flat on ground or table.

Lay Zebra Stencil on left side of the shirt so that the right side of the stencil falls down the middle of the shirt.

Tape edges into place.

Dab marker through stencil to create an uneven, animal-like zebra print pattern on shirt.

Once done, the stencil will still be wet with marker ink so turn the stencil over (ink-side down) onto the other side of the shirt as to mirror the zebra print you just created, and press down on the stencil to transfer the wet ink onto the shirt.