Zebra Purse
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Zebra Purse

What's black and white and highlighted in magenta? This animal print purse. Designed by Jane Chandler, DecoArt Design Team
Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
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Material List

  • Craft Smart Paints® White
  • Craft Smart Paints® Bright Magenta
  • Craft Smart Paints® Black
  • Unfinished Wood Purse
  • Round Brush, #6

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Use White to paint flat sides of purse.

Step: 2

Use Bright Magenta to paint purse sides and handle.

Step: 3

Use round brush and Black to paint zebra stripes over White areas.

Step: 4

Use round brush and Bright Magenta to paint hearts center front of purse.

Step: 5

Apply coat of matte spray sealer.


Let dry after each step.