Zipper Friendship Adjustable Bracelet
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Zipper Friendship Adjustable Bracelet

Retro friendship bracelets come back with a modern appeal! Use colorful hemp and beads to create your own look.

Designed by Wendy Cooper for Darice®

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Hemp, 20lb. – Color of Choice
  • E Beads (58) – Color of Choice
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Project Instructions

Cut three 22" pieces of hemp and one 2 yard piece of hemp.  

Hold two 22" pieces of hemp together and make an overhand knot about 6" from one end. These two strands will be the “filler” strands of the bracelet. Attach the top (6" portion) of the bracelet to a sturdy holder (such as the clip of a clipboard) so bracelet can be easily assembled from top downward.   

Take the 2 yard piece of hemp and fold in half. Attach to the “filler” strands by tying (at fold) right below the overhand knot. Pull tight. These two longer strands will be the “knotting” strands.  

Position the knotting strands to either side, leaving the two filler strands hanging down in the middle.  

Make one square knot (SQK) directly below the overhand knot. Add an E bead to each knotting strand. Make another SQK, pushing beads to top of bracelet. Add another E bead to each knotting strand and then make another SQK. Continue in this manner, adding beads after each SQK, until a total of 27 sets of beads have been added (4 E beads should remain). End with a SQK.  

After last SQK, collect the knotting and filler strands together and tie all strands in an overhand knot. Dab knot with glue (especially where the knotting strands are) and let dry. Cut the knotting strands close to the knot. Bracelet can now be removed from clipboard.  

Bracelet now has two strands hanging on either end. On each strand, slide on an E bead and make a knot about 4" from closest overhand knot. Slide bead down to knot and make another knot on opposite side of bead to hold bead in place. Trim ends to a ½". 

To make adjustable clasp, loop bracelet around (like you would wear on wrist) so the two strands on one side overlap with the two strands on the other side. 

Take last 22" piece of hemp and fold in half. Tie piece (at fold) with a regular knot in the middle of the four overlapping strands from the bracelet holding the four strands together.  

Using the two ends of the 22" piece as “knotting” strands and the four overlapping strands together as the “filler,” make four SQK. Dab end of SQK section with glue, making sure not to get any glue on the filler strands, and let dry. Trim ends of knotting strands.

To “open” bracelet, carefully pull bracelet open. To “close", carefully pull on the beaded strands.  

Completed bracelet measures 7½" fully closed and will fit up to a 9" wrist.



Great as an anklet, too. Simply add 1.5" to 2" to the length of the final project.