Blue Teardrop Bracelet
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Blue Teardrop Bracelet

If you don’t have bead stoppers available, you can just fold a piece of tape over the stretch cord to keep the beads from sliding off.
Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Gallery® Druzy Teardrop Sliders, Blue (6)
  • Bead Gallery® 8mm Glass Rounds, Blue Iris (12)
  • Bead Gallery® 5x5mm Square Spacers, Gold (24)
  • Bead Gallery® 4mm Rounds, Gold (24)
  • Stretch Magic® Cord, 1mm, 24"
  • Beading Cement
  • Scissors
  • Bead Stopper or Tape

Project Instructions

Step 1:
Cut the stretch cord into two 12-inch pieces.

Step 2:
String 1- 4mm gold round, 1- 5x5mm gold square spacer, 1- 8mm blue iris glass round, 1- 5x5mm gold square spacer, 1- 4mm gold round, and 1 blue druzy teardrop slider onto one cord.

Step 3:
Repeat 5 more times, alternating the orientation of the blue druzy teardrop sliders so that if the previously strung slider’s point is up, the next slider’s point is down.

Step 4:
On the final slider, pass the cord through the first hole but not the second half of the hole.

Step 5:
Repeat step 2 using the second piece of stretch cord and stringing it through the second set of holes in the sliders.

Step 6:
Bring the two ends of the stretch cord together, passing the first end of the cord through the second hole of the final slider. Holding the end of the cord as one, make an overhand knot so that there is no slack in the cording. Place a drop of glue on the knot and let dry overnight.

Step 7:
Repeat step 6 with second cord.

Step 8:
Trim cords after the glue has cured.