Carved Birdhouse
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Carved Birdhouse

Add a little style to a wood birdhouse by carving with X-ACTO® tools!

Courtesy of Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • X-ACTO® Heavy Duty Utility Knife
  • X-ACTO® Z Series #1 Knife with Cap
  • X-ACTO® Z Series Blades
  • Tacky Glue
  • Unfinished Wood Birdhouse, 8.9"
  • DecoArt® Gel Stains – Oak and Ebony
  • Spanish Moss
  • Paintbrushes (2)
  • Newspapers
  • Paper Towels
  • Container of Water, Small

Project Instructions

Hold X-ACTO® Heavy Duty Utility Knife with new X-ACTO® Z Series Blade in one hand against top edge of birdhouse roof, with elbow braced on table to prevent slipping. Keep other hand safely behind, holding birdhouse from behind where blade is cutting. With knife blade almost parallel to cutting surface, push knife away from you about ¼"–¾" to cut a chip from the roof edge. (Create a scooping motion to make the chip.) Note that on birdhouse roof, there are two "edges" – an inside edge and an outside edge. Trim both edges as directed above. Then go back and cut top surface between edges irregularly, too.

Work carefully, always keeping non-knife hand away from blade. If wood splinters, make a short cut away from you; turn birdhouse around to make another short cut away from you that meets the first. Always brace fingers, palms and elbows to prevent slipping and brace birdhouse on table. Use X-ACTO® Z Series #1 Knife to clean up any small areas of chips or splinters. Cut gouges into birdhouse on roof front, back, peak, sides; on all four sides of base, four house corners and around bird hole if desired.

To texturize roof, use X-ACTO® Z-Series #1 Knife (with new blade) and starting at bottom, lay blade parallel to roof and make short chipping strokes in an upward motion. Work in approximately horizontal rows, from bottom to top. Repeat to texturize other side of roof.

Refer to image and use pencil to lightly sketch narrow irregular “stripes” with pointed ends. (Note: Start on house back for practice before moving to more visible areas.) To cut long, wedge-shaped pieces out of back of house use X-ACTO™ #1 Knife, angled in, toward opposite pencil line to cut along sketched line, cutting about 1/8" deep. Turn house around and run knife along other pencil line to cut other side of wedge. Use point of knife to remove excess material. Repeat on front of birdhouse, too. Similarly, cut sides, but because grain runs in opposite direction, it may be necessary to use new blade to cut lines and then chip out pieces.

Working on one area at a time, use paintbrush to apply thick layer of Oak Gel Stain. With paper towels, wipe stain off surface but leave stain to puddle in crevices. Stain entire house, roof and base with Oak stain. Let dry. Note: Stain soaks into wood quickly, so work on one side or area at a time and quickly wipe off.

Use clean paintbrush to slightly dampen roof with water. On one side of roof, apply Ebony stain and quickly wipe off with paper towels. Repeat to wet and stain other side of roof and base. Repeat to get roof as dark as desired.