Cascading with Color T-shirt by ArtMinds™
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Cascading with Color T-shirt by ArtMinds™

Like a waterfall in sunlight, the bright, bold colors from the ArtMinds™ Block Party Dye Kit flow into each other for splashes of pure splendor.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • ArtMinds™ Tie-Dye Kit – Block Party
  • V-neck T-Shirt, 100% Cotton – White
  • Pastry Cooling Rack, Large
  • Plastic Tablecloth
  • Zip Ties
  • Chalk Pencil

Project Instructions

Step 1 Wash T-shirt without fabric softener and do not dry.

Step 2 Cover work surface with plastic table cover.

Step 3 Lay shirt flat on covered work surface.

Step 4 Fold shirt in half length-wise. Use chalk pencil to draw five diagonal lines, beginning just under neckline, creating six diagonal sections down the front of shirt.

Step 5 Starting at first chalk line, pleat shirt into 1" sections, easing fabric into a straight line along chalk line while pleating. Tie tightly with zip tie.

Step 6 Repeat above step along remaining chalk lines, being careful to align fabric into a straight line while pleating. When done, you will have six sections tied off.

Step 7 Mix dyes according to package instructions.

Step 8 Lay zip-tied shirt on covered work surface.

Step 9 Apply yellow dye to first section at neckline, keeping dye ½" away from zip tie.

Step 10 Follow with green dye on second section, aqua dye on third section, blue dye on fourth section, violet on fifth section, and ending with red dye at bottom. Try to keep dye colors ½" from zip ties to minimize color bleed.

Step 11 Let set six to eight hours.

Step 12 Rinse shirt in cold water until water runs clear.

Step 13 Without removing zip ties, wash T-shirt in washing machine.

Step 14 Remove zip ties and dry in dryer.


Placing zip-tied shirt on a pastry cooling rack while dyeing helps minimize color bleeding.

Craft Notes

Crafted for Michaels by Lauri Eaton courtesy of iLoveToCreate®.