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Chandeliers bring light into your home. Illuminate your favorite room with meaningful objects in your life. This projects is created with Industrial Chic™ elements from the Susan Lenart Kazmer™ Mixed Media collection.
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Chandelier, Small
  • Industrial Chic™ Pendants – Light Bulb, Large Blue Leaf, Copper Flower Petals, Focus Compass, Multi Texture Twig Ring, Large Silver Bird Cage and Pendant
  • Industrial Chic™ Metal Fiber Pack
  • Industrial Chic™ Oval Link Chain, Small
  • Industrial Chic™ Circle Link Chain – Antique Gold
  • Industrial Chic™ Chain
  • Industrial Chic™ Jump Rings – Assorted
  • Industrial Chic™ Glass Circle Spacers
  • Industrial Chic™ Assorted Fibers
  • Bead Landing™ Long Nose Pliers
  • Bead Landing™ Chain Nose Pliers
  • Bead Landing™ Side Cutters

Project Instructions

Cut about 20 pieces total of assorted chain to the following lengths:

a. Five 3" pieces

b. Five 4" pieces

c. Five 5" pieces

d. Five 6" pieces

Select jump ring and loop four chains from above, smallest to largest, through the jump ring. Close jump ring. Repeat with other end of four chains. This will now be referred to as the “Layered Chain.” Repeat four more times.

Attach the “Layered Chain” to the chandelier by opening jump ring and looping it through one of the holes on the frame of your chandelier. Close jump ring. Repeat on other end of “Layered Chain.” Repeat this process until you have chain draped all the way around your chandelier.

Gather strands of fiber and wrap a metal fiber around the strands. This will be referred to as a “Ribbon Tassel.”

Attach a pendant to the Ribbon Tassel and hang from the bottom of your chandelier.

Decorate your chandelier by attaching pendants and spacers to your piece.

Tie ribbons to the existing jump ring on the top of the light bulb pendant, and attach to top of chandelier, so it hangs in the middle.