Classroom Helpers Lesson Plan
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Classroom Helpers Lesson Plan

Your students will love making their very own classroom helper button to wear with pride while doing their classroom job!
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Creatology™ 12 pack Plastic Buttons
  • Drawing or writing paper
  • Literature selections of your choice

Project Instructions

Grades: 1-3

Lesson Duration: 2-4 Days

Subjects: Social Studies

-Recognize and show how when individuals share responsibilities, group goals are more easily accomplished
-Demonstrate accountability for actions, pride in personal accomplishments, self-direction
-Demonstrate personal accountability
-Explain how individuals make the community a better place by solving problems in a way that promotes the common good

Common Core State Standards:

Essential Question(s):

  • What jobs or responsibilities need done to help keep our classroom safe and running smoothly?
  • Which of these jobs are the most essential?
  • Which of these jobs are jobs we, as students, can do by ourselves?
  • What does it mean to do a job well?
  • How does it affect others when someone does or doesn’t do a job well?



  • Students will recognize how working together to accomplish responsibilities and or jobs makes it easier to accomplish tasks.
  • Students will identify and explain classroom jobs that need done to make the classroom run efficiently and safely.
  • Students will perform jobs that will help keep their classroom safe and running efficiently.


  • Creatology™ 12 pack Plastic Buttons
  • Drawing paper, cut into circle shapes to fit button size (many buttons come with a factory label in each button that can be simply flipped over. The back, white side, can be used)
  • Literature selections of your choice
  • Appendix A, Job descriptions
  • Appendix B, List of class jobs


Purchase enough buttons for each child in the class. Prepare paper circles as needed that will go inside the students’ buttons. You may wish to choose a literature selection to read aloud to your class pertaining to classroom jobs, working together, sharing responsibilities etc..

Lesson One

Step 1:

If you have selected one, read your literature selection to your students. Get them moving! Play- If You Have…. To play the game, ask students to stand in four corners of the room. Begin to ask questions with a direction like; If you have ever washed dishes move to corner one, if you have ever fed your pet move to corner two, etc… Students may wish to give ideas for questions centered around responsibilities or jobs typically done around their homes.

Discuss how just like at home there are many jobs that need done at school. Some jobs are “teacher jobs” but many responsibilities the students could handle!

Discuss the significance of naming responsibilities and assigning helpers to them.

Together, ask students to help make a list of jobs/responsibilities that will need done in the classroom. Go through the finished list and have the students help identify which jobs are jobs for an adult and which jobs students could do. If there are many student jobs listed, ask students to help identify the most essential jobs on the list. (You can direct them to a certain number of jobs- as you many not want 22 helpers per week  )

Step 2:

Explain to the students that those jobs will be posted and the students will take turns having the responsibility of all of those listed jobs throughout the school year.

Guide the students in designing their own badge with their name or have students design different class job buttons (both shown). Have a parent helper assemble the badges with designs inside.

The helpers of the week will wear special badges (buttons) when it is their turn to help. With a little guidance students will learn how to pin their badges on in no time.

Lesson Two

Title each job and go over the responsibilities for each one. Incorporate writing by having students write job descriptions (Appendix A) for each job. Appendix A has some suggested categories to include on a job description. There are lots of opportunities to incorporate vocabulary words to discuss on the job description! Students can refer to the job descriptions when they are assigned a new job to ensure they know the responsibilities and requirements of that job.


Lesson Three
Discuss the significance of a job well done and what it means to do a job well. Challenge students to think about what happens when someone fails to do his/her job.

Wrap It Up

Each week, rotate students through agreed upon jobs. Students who have an assigned job get to wear their special badge that they created. Post job descriptions for all to see.

Appendix A:

Categories to include in job description

  • Job
  • Reports to
  • Job Summanry
  • Essential Functions
  • Additional Responsibilites
  • Job Qualifications
  • Essential Functions

Appendix B: 

Ideas for class jobs:

  • Elmer’s Glue Crew Helper (Recycle your empty Elmer’s glue sticks and glue bottles. See to sign up today!)
  • Gardener
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Paper passer
  • Chair stacker
  • Door holder
  • Board eraser
  • Librarian
  • Lights
  • Table leader
  • Line leader
  • Desk inspector
  • Animal Care
  • Teacher assistant
  • Attendance taker
  • Homework monitor
  • Trash collector
  • Recycling collector
  • Lunch counter
  • Calendar duties
  • Housekeepers