Clay Pot Apple with Worm
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Clay Pot Apple with Worm

This darling clay pot apple adorned with a happy worm makes a great place to stash extra change, nick knacks, mementos or anything small you don't want to lose.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • FolkArt® Acrylic Paints – Lime Green, Calypso Sky, Licorice and Evergreen
  • Plaid® Spouncer™ Top
  • Clay Pot and Saucer, 4"
  • Clay Pots, ½" (2)
  • Lara’s Crafts® Round Beads, 5/8" (12)
  • Lara’s Crafts® Round Bead, 1" (1)
  • Scrap Fabric – Blue
  • Creatology™ Chenille Stems – Blue
  • Creatology® Wiggle Eyes, 10mm
  • Creatology® Craft Foam – Brown
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Paintbrush – ¾" Flat Brush and #12 Flat Brush
  • Scissors – Zigzag

Project Instructions

Step 1 Base coat the pot and saucer with Lime Green. Allow to dry.

Step 2 Add Evergreen dots with the Spouncer™ top. Allow to dry.

Step 3 Glue the two ½" clay pots together, then glue to saucer.

Step 4 Use zigzag scissors to cut a leaf from brown craft foam. Glue leaf to the small clay pots.

Step 5 For the worm, paint one 1" wooden bead and twelve 5/8" wooden beads with Calypso Sky. Allow to dry. Thread a blue chenille stem through beads. Glue the ends to secure. For the eyes, bend the other chenille stem in half and glue it into the hole of the large bead. Roll up the ends and glue on eyes. Paint the mouth with Licorice. Tie pieces of blue fabric between beads. Glue the bottom half of the worm to the top of the apple. To make the worm stand up, hot glue the beads at the bend.


Create a complementary apple by base coating a pot dark green with light green spots.

Craft Notes

Crafted for Michaels by Sherrie Ragsdale of the Plaid Creative Team.