Create Your Look With Jean M®


Even before they see the dress or the décor or the flowers, your guests will have an idea of your wedding style. How?

Because you’ll have set the tone by sending them the perfect, customized invitation!

It’s easy to create your unique look with Jean M invitations. Follow these steps, mix and match colors, play with options and come up with an invitation that hints at the formality, colors and style of your wedding.


Choose your invitation style

Choose from vibrant, colorful designs from the Jean M Designer collection. Or select a sleek and simple single-layer invitation or a lavish two-layer invitation from the Jean M Mix and Match line. Which is right for your celebration?


Dress it up with a pocket

You can add a pocket to any Jean M invitation — it will hold the pieces of your invitation ensemble for a unique and colorful presentation.


Color your world

Choose from 26 beautiful paper colors for your Jean M Mix and Match invitation layers and enclosures. Mix and match paper layer and enclosure colors for a one-of-a-kind look. Both Jean M Mix and Match Invitations and Jean M Designer Invitations allow you to choose the paper color of your pockets and envelopes.


Hint at your wedding style with a great layout

Our creative wording layouts in the Jean M Mix and Match album include gorgeous designs, patterns and type formats to add a designer look to your invitations. You can even choose a layout that gives you the option of adding a decorative design or monogram for a touch of distinction.


Get stylish with envelopes

Choose colorful inner and outer envelopes to present your invitations in unique style. Or go with Ooh-La Color ® envelopes for just a hint at your wedding colors.


Add the finishing touches

Embellish your invitations with sparkling rhinestones, gorgeous ribbons and colorful seals to show your flair and to let guests know you have thought of every detail.

Be inspired! Be creative! Take advantage of our endless options for creating the perfect invitation, and come up with a look that’s just right for you and your wedding.

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