Frankincense Crochet Hanging Star
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Frankincense Crochet Hanging Star

Crochet this hanging star using your favorite holiday yarn.

Designed by Beverly Burch.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Patons Classic Wool, small

Patons Classic Wool

 White STYROFOAM™ Balls, small

White STYROFOAM™ Balls


Material List

  • Patons® Classic Wool – Harvest (2 Skeins)
  • Crochet Hook, Size G
  • Paper Cone-Shaped Cups (or Paper Funnels)
  • Styrofoam® Ball
  • Long Knitting Needle, Size 10
  • Rug Hook
  • Hanger Wire
  • Straight Pins
  • Aleene’s® OK To Wash-It® Fabric Glue
  • Paint – Coordinating Colors of Choice (Optional)
  • Paintbrush (Optional)

Project Instructions

Step 1 Pierce hole in center of Styrofoam® ball with long knitting needle.

Step 2 Pull yarn through hole and knot several times on one end to secure. Use a rug hook to pull yarn through ball or cut a wire clothes hanger and making small loop on one end to pull yarn through. This yarn will be used to hang star when complete.

Step 3 Add beads if desired.

Step 4 Wrap Styrofoam® ball with yarn, to cover.

Step 5 Paper cone cups are covered to make points for Star. Optional: Paint the cones with coordinating colors first.

Covers for Paper Cone Cups

Ch 16

Row 1: tr in 4th ch from hook, tr 4 more times, dc 4 times, hdc 3 times, sc 2 times, ch 1, turn.

Row 2: sc 2 times, hdc 3 times, dc 4 times, tr 4 times, ch 3, turn.

Repeat both rows back and forth until it fits around cone. Whipstitch sides together and gather small end to cover point of cone.

Glue cover to cone and let dry. Glue yarn and pin-covered cones to yarn-covered ball.


Ch – Chain

SC – Single Crochet

HDC – Half Double Crochet

DC – Double Crochet

TR – Treble Crochet