When it comes to glass, Michaels offers only the very best.

Five glazing options provide a solution for every framing project.
See Your Art, Not Your Reflection

Available exclusively at Michaels, Conservation Masterpiece® glass is the clearest, best framing glass available. It's the ultimate finishing touch to your custom framed piece.

Conservation Masterpiece® is also available in acrylic. Why choose acrylic? It's lightweight, shatterproof and ideal for large pieces or pieces hanging in a child's room or high traffic area. Plus, it's static free making it ideal for pastels, charcoals or other dry media artwork. Masterpiece Acrylic is abrasion resistant and can be treated/cleaned just like glass. It's also more fire resistant than any other glazing material, including glass. And if you're seeking to have artwork insured, acrylic is required.

Preserve Your Artwork
Conservation Masterpiece® has the highest UV protection you can get. It helps protect your piece from fading caused by harmful indoor and outdoor lighting, so your good memories will last a good long time.

Masterpiece® is the best choice