• Jewelry 101: Adjustable Clasp

    Did you know how simple it is to create an adjustable fastening for your bracelet? Learn the basics of the adjustable clasp in this short video. With Michaels, it's really as easy as 1-2-3! Watch now >

  • Rainbow Loom® How To: Starburst Technique

    Watch and learn how to do the Rainbow Loom® Starburst Technique. It's easy! Watch now >

  • Jewelry 101: Flat Square Knots

    It's so easy to weave your own bracelets from cording, leather lacing, or even paracord! Learn the basics of square knots in this short video. With Michaels, it's really as simple as 1-2-3! Watch now >

  • How To: Attach Hotfix Rhinestones to a T-shirt

    Learn how easy it is to apply hotfix rhinestones to a t-shirt. Hotfix rhinestones have a heat-activated adhesive on their backs that allows them to stick to fabric when used with a heated tool. Watch now >

  • Jewelry 101: Closing Memory Wire

    Making sturdy closures is an essential part of DIY jewelry-making. Here, we'll show you the basic technique of how to close memory wire with a loop. Watch now >

  • Custom Framing: Relationships

    Get hooked on custom framing at Michaels! Our framers will take the time to design the perfect piece with you. Watch now >

  • Custom Framing: Quality

    Our Custom Framing departments use 100% preservation-quality products on every one of our pieces. This means our framing components will keep your art safe from damage and fading. Learn more about why, at Michaels, we frame your piece to last a lifetime. Watch now >

  • Custom Framing: Process

    You can trust your artwork with our framing experts. Come with us on a journey -- learn about the design and preservation expertise that will complete your framed piece. Watch now >

  • Floral Arranging 101: Prepare Your Container

    Preparing your container for your floral arrangement is as easy as can be! In just a few simple steps you can create a beautiful arrangement for your home. Watch now >

  • Floral Arranging 101: Easy Glass Fillers

    Learn how to dress up any arrangement with fun and unique fillers. From fruit to beads to petals, the choice is yours! Watch now >

  • Floral Arranging 101: Create a Top Mount

    If you have an odd-shaped container that you aren't sure how to fill, watch this quick video to learn how to create a gorgeous top mount by placing the foam at the top of your vase instead of the bottom! Watch now >

  • How To: Use a Ribbon Sealer to Clean Cut Ribbon

    Tired of uneven or fraying edges on your ribbons? Learn how easy it is to cut ribbon cleanly and without fraying with the Imaginisce® ribbon sealer in this quick how-to video. Watch now >

  • Rainbow Loom® How To: Spiral Technique

    Watch and learn how to make the Rainbow Loom® Spiral technique. It's easy! Watch now >

  • Fine Art 101: Brush Tips & Strokes

    Ever wondered what brush tip is best for creating a certain kind of effect? Watch as we show you the strokes that each brush can create and tips on what situations they are best suited for. Watch now >

  • Jewelry 101: Twisted Square Knots

    Learn a simple variation on the square knot -- the twisted square knot -- in this short video. With Michaels, it's really as easy as 1-2-3! Watch now >