Duck® Brand Duct Tape
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Duck® Brand Duct Tape

Item# gc0248

Fun on a roll! Duck® brand Duct Tape leaps ahead with phenomenal colors that open your eyes to endless creative uses. Don't think of duct tape as merely mending pipes. People use colorful Duck® brand Duct Tape for making everything from wallets to flowers to prom dresses. No kidding! Pick up a couple of rolls and see what amazing things you can do with it.

Duck® brand Duct Tape can be used on paper, wood, concrete, metal, fabric, plastic, brick, itself, and more! It is agile enough to withstand temperatures as low as 10F up to 176F. It is repositionable and works best on clean, dry surfaces. And, it's easy to use ... just unroll, tear, and stick! Here are some more great colors available at your neighborhood Michaels Store.


LipsPink Text MessagesColorful Peace SignsMustache  Blue & White Hawaiian Floral       Cup cakeOrange Tie DyePink & White ArgylleZebraDigital CamoFlames

LeopardTie DyePink & White Polka DotCheckerSplatter PaintSkullsDragonCha Cha CherryTranquil TealForrest Green  Silver Coin  Winking White  Midnight Madness  Cookie Dough Island Lime  Blaze Orange  Funky Flamingo  Yellow Sunburst  Deep Blue Ocean  Purple Duchness  Merlot Mania Electric Blue                     

If tape leaves an adhesive residue upon removal, we recommend using an adhesive remover.  Always test solvents on a small, inconspicuous area to make sure it won’t damage the surface.  A "home remedy" we recommend is WD-40. This petroleum-based lubricant is excellent for removing adhesives. Rubbing alcohol also works for removing light adhesives, but evaporates quickly. Remember to test these products before applying on a large scale.

Do not tape directly to skin.

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