Easter Bonnets Bunny Cookies
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Easter Bonnets Bunny Cookies

This dapper couple is ready to dazzle your Easter dessert table. Looks like they’ve just come in from an Easter parade. Kids and adults will love making these smiling faces.

Courtesy of Wilton Brands Inc.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Sugar Pearls, small

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 Disposable Decorating Bags, small

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Material List

  • Wilton® Roll-Out Cookie Recipe
  • Wilton® Rolling Pin
  • Wilton® Comfort Grip™ Cutter – Bunny Face
  • Wilton® Cookie Sheet
  • Wilton® Cooling Grid
  • Wilton® Royal Icing Recipe
  • Wilton® Meringue Powder
  • Wilton® Disposable Decorating Bags
  • Wilton® Decorating Tip – 3
  • Wilton® Candy Eyeballs
  • Wilton® Icing Colors – Rose, Black, Lemon Yellow, Leaf Green, Orange and Violet
  • Wilton® Ready-to-Use Rolled Fondant – White
  • Wilton® Fondant Roller, 9"
  • Wilton® Fondant Roll & Cut Mat
  • Ruler
  • Wilton® Cut-Outs™, Fondant Cutters – Leaf and Flower
  • Wilton® Sugar Pearls
  • Paring Knife

Project Instructions

Print the Roll-Out Cookie Recipe here.

Print out the Royal Icing Recipe here.

Prepare and roll out cookie dough 1/8" thick. Cut out cookies with bunny cutter. Bake and cool.

Use full-strength white royal icing in bag fitted with tip 3 to outline cookies; let set.

Use thinned-down white royal icing in bag fitted with tip 3 to fill in tops of cookies. Let set.

Use tip 3 and full-strength royal icing to attach icing decoration eyes.

Use tip 3 and full-strength rose royal icing to pipe noses and ears.

Use tip 3 and full-strength black royal icing to pipe muzzles. Let dry.

For girl’s hat, color 1 oz. of fondant light yellow. Roll out 1/8" thick. Cut half circle to size of wedge between ears and attach to cookie with royal icing. For brim, cut a 3½"x5/8" light yellow fondant strip. Attach to hat with royal icing, making a curled brim shape. Roll two orange loops and attach with royal icing. For leaves, tint ¼ oz. of fondant green and use smallest leaf Cut-Outs™ to cut two leaves. Attach with royal icing. For flowers and loops, tint 1/8 oz. each fondant orange and rose. Use smallest flower Cut-Outs™ to cut three flowers (orange, rose and yellow); attach with royal icing and add sugar pearls to center with royal icing.

For boy’s hat, color 1 oz. of fondant black. Roll out 1/8" thick and cut a 2-1/8"x2" rectangle. Trim rectangle to give it an angled look.

For brim, repeat the same process as with girl’s hat, except keep straight. Color a small piece of fondant violet and roll out and cut a 1¼"x¼" band; attach to hat with royal icing. Create yellow flower using the same process as with the girl’s hat. Attach flower with royal icing.



Use our wide variety of fondant Cut-Outs to create several hat decorations for cookies.

Craft Notes

Adult supervision is required at all times. Oven should only be used by an adult.