Enviro Battery
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Enviro Battery

Item# kd3802
Mr. Potato Head can't do this! It takes a real potato (or a lemon, or an apple), some mud and salt, and viola! You can create electricity with 4M's Enviro Battery Kit. Power a light bulb or a watch and play with your food at the same time. Nature and science come to life with 4M Green Science kits for kids-ignite their minds and they'll approach your next hiking and camping trip with a new sense of wonder. Need some inspiration yourself? Visit our Campfire Blog for family car camping tips and more. Features Create electricity with food and this kit Power a watch, light bulb, or sound maker Play with mud and salt (and food!) Includes: zinc and copper plates with connection wires (4 each), 3 cups (1 paper, 2 plastic), 2 bottle screw caps, 1 LED lamp light tower, 1 sound chip, 1 LCD watch, tape, and instructions
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