Fluffy Pom Pom Trees
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Fluffy Pom Pom Trees

Get a head start on your Holiday decorations with Loops & Threads™ Pom Pom™ or Bunny Tail™ yarn. For lighter pastel colors use a Bunny Tail™ and for bright colors use the Pom Pom™ collection.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Loops & Threads® Pom Pom™ or Bunny Tail™ Yarn (3 oz./85g) – Color of Choice (1 Ball)
  • Plastic Foam Cone Forms – Size(s) of Choice
  • Straight Pins, 1¼"
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

Trim off any of the carrier thread before the first pom pom on the yarn. Beginning at the bottom of the plastic foam cone at the widest point, pin the first pom pom to the cone. Skip the carrier thread between pom poms, allowing it to form a loop, and pin the second pom pom to the cone next to the first pom pom. Continue in this manner, skipping the carrier thread, forming loops and pinning the pom poms next to each other until you have reached the first pom pom.

Spiral the yarn up and continue pinning pom poms, touching each other and the first row, to form a second row. Continue spiraling and pinning until you have covered the entire cone and reached the top.

When the cone is covered, pin pom poms to the very top to cover the plastic foam and form little loops at the top of the tree. Trim off the yarn after the last pom pom.