• Make Market™, A Michaels Exclusive

    Check out these exciting new crafting surfaces in the Make Market™ collection, a Michaels exclusive! Each unfinished surface in Make Market provides a perfect blank canvas for your next DIY project of piece of home décor. Choose from an array of materials in each unfinished surface: chalk, galvanized, cork, burlap, and denim. Everything from ribbon, paint, boxes, slate, and more. Watch now >

  • Make Market™ Chalk Project

    Chalk is one of the surfaces available in the Make Market™ collection, a Michaels exclusive. Plan your next DIY décor item and make it a snap! Click show more for instructions on how to make this burlap-wrapped wine bottle trio. Watch now >

  • Make Market™ Cork Project

    Create a fun and easy project out of cork, one of the raw, unfinished surfaces in the Make Market™ collection, a Michaels exclusive. Click show more for instructions on how to make this cork puzzle wall décor. Watch now >

  • Make Market™ Denim Project

    Start with denim to turn simple materials into cute projects! You can find this all-time trendy surface in the Make Market™ collection, a Michaels exclusive. Click show more for instructions on these denim embellished “HOME” letters. Watch now >

  • Make Market™ Galvanized Project

    Galvanized is just one of the surfaces in the Make Market™ collection, a Michaels exclusive. This versatile material is just as at home in modern decor as it is in rustic. Click show more for instructions on how to make these metal rim clay pots. Watch now >

  • Craft Paint Basics: Chalkboard Paint

    Let your kids write all over the walls! It’s ok when you’ve turned them into chalkboards. Chalkboard paint is a great way to add a creative accent to any wall in your home or classroom. But don’t stop there – try chalkboard paint on all kinds of objects to create a cool craft that's uniquely you! Watch now >

  • Crafting Basics: String Art

    String art is a crafting classic -- not to mention the latest and greatest craze. Try it out! With our help you'll be an expert in no time. Watch now >

  • Craft Basics: How to Decoupage

    Decoupage is a lot simpler than you might think! It's an excellent technique for gluing colorful paper cutouts onto a variety of surfaces. Try it during craft time with the kids, or to create a personalized gift for someone special. Watch now >

  • Origami Basics: Magic Circle

    Create a quick and easy origami magic circle in minutes with this simple technique. Impress your friends and create a fun craft at the same time! Watch now >

  • Origami Basics: Box

    Origami boxes are a clever and creative way to display tiny treats or trinkets. Follow the simple steps in this video to start making boxes of your very own. Watch now >

  • Craft Basics: Woodburning Techniques

    Learn some basic tips and techniques to get started with your woodburning project. You'll find it's a snap with these! Watch now >

  • Craft Basics: Woodburning Tools

    Do you want to make your mark? Michaels makes it easy with woodburning tips. We have all the supplies you need to make your next wood project unique. Watch now >

  • Kinetic Sand™ *Now in Color!*

    Brighten up your day with Kinetic Sand, now available in a variety of vivid colors! Shop Michaels for blue, green, purple, pink, orange and brown -- or all of the above! Watch now >

  • Kinetic Sand™: Sensory Fun for Kids

    Kinetic Sand™ lets you bring the fun of the sandbox inside, while leaving the mess outside. This easy-to-shape sand sticks only to itself, not little hands – making clean up a breeze. Watch now >

  • Kinetic Sand™: What is It?

    Let us show you! Kinetic Sand™ is the amazing, new, easy-to-shape sand that’s moldable, foldable and the perfect way to erase the day’s stress in a matter of minutes. You won’t want to put it down! Watch now >

  • Make a Lark's Head Knot

    Learn to make a lark’s head knot, and you can make a wreath, a paracord bracelet -- even a fairy costume! You never know what – or who – might appear once you get started. Watch now >

  • Slow Motion Lark’s Head Knot

    Watch an extra-slow motion version of the lark’s head knot, and learn how to make your own. Watch now >

  • How To: Use a Ribbon Sealer to Clean Cut Ribbon

    Tired of uneven or fraying edges on your ribbons? Learn how easy it is to cut ribbon cleanly and without fraying with the Imaginisce® ribbon sealer in this quick how-to video. Watch now >

  • Raw Bar

    Raw materials are one of this season’s biggest trends and a perfect canvas for your next great creation. We've taken these great natural surfaces – burlap, unfinished wood, chalkboard, cork and galvanized metal – and put them together, all in one place. We call it the Raw Bar. Visit your local Michaels, and look for the Raw Bar today. Watch now >

  • Carve a Craft Pumpkin

    One craft pumpkin + one hot knife = the jack-o’-lantern of your dreams. Give it a try and see how easy it is. (And remember, hot knives are hot! And sharp! Carving is a job for an adult.) Watch now >

  • Craft Responsibly

    We know how it is. Some nights, the urge to craft becomes overwhelming, and things can get a little out of hand. There's no need to panic. Now Michaels is here for you 24 hours a day. Whether you craft responsibly -- or with wild abandon -- Michaels makes it easy! Watch now >

  • Raw Bar: Clothespin Wreath

    Jo Pearson shows us how to make an easy and beautiful wreath, made with materials from our Raw Bar, available at your local Michaels. Watch now >

  • How To: Clean Cut Burlap

    Learn how to cut burlap cleanly with this quick how to video. Watch now >

  • How To: Craft Using a Hot Glue Finger Cap

    Learn how easy it is to work with hot glue using a finger cap that protects your finger from burns. Watch now >