Golden GAC 900 Medium 8oz
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Golden GAC 900 Medium 8oz

Item# fa1984
GAC 900 is an acrylic polymer designed for fabric and clothing applications. When heat-set properly, the addition of GAC 900 to color lends painted fabrics a very soft hand and laundering stability. GAC 900 can be mixed with Airbrush colors to produce “tie-dye” effects on pre-wetted material, or blended with GOLDEN Heavy Body, Matte or Fluid Acrylics for brush or screen application. To further promote launderability during spray applications, GAC 900 may be used full strength as a basecoat, as well as a thin topcoat. Optionally, GAC 900 applied as a basecoat, then heat-set, will “seal” the fabric surface prior to paint applications. For thicker screen or brush applications, mix color with Silkscreen Fabric Gel, a gel product with the same soft-hand and launderability properties of the lower viscosity GAC 900. Note: Provide adequate ventilation when heat-setting with GAC 900 as the process releases low levels of formaldehyde.
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