Golden Iridescent Fluid Acrylics
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Golden Iridescent Fluid Acrylics

Item# fa1980

GOLDEN Iridescent Acrylics are one of the most unique products available to artists today. They offer highly reflective metallic variations when mixed with GOLDEN colors. The GOLDEN Iridescent colors achieve their reflective properties by synthetically reproducing several natural phenomena - the nacreous, or pearlescent, qualities found in fish scales or the dust of a butterfly's wing, and the shiny and reflective qualities found in certain metals and minerals. "Coarse" Iridescent colors are simply larger particle size versions of our "Fine" Iridescent products. Coarse colors in the Iridescent line include Copper, Copper Light, Gold and Pearl. All GOLDEN Iridescent colors produce a luster quality by themselves, or when mixed with other colors and mediums. They GOLDEN line of Iridescents can be separated into 3 groups based on chemical composition. Group I: These colors are derived from mica platelets. They are then coated with an extremely thin layer of titanium dioxide. Refraction and reflection of light at the titanium dioxide layers produces various colors and pearlescent effects. Group 1 pigments include Iridescent Pearl (Coarse and Fine). Group II: These colors are also derived from mica platelets, but an iron oxide coating causes Group II pigments to possess hues in addition to pearlescent qualities. This group includes Iridescent Gold (Coarse and Fine), Iridescent Copper and Copper Light (Coarse and Fine), and Iridescent Bronze. Group III: A third group consists of reflective colorants that do not fit the above descriptions, including highly metallic pigments. This group includes Stainless Steel (Coarse and Fine) and Micaceous Iron Oxide.



Colors Available in 1oz:


  • Iridescent Bronze
  • Iridescent Gold Deep
  • Iridescent Pearl (Fine)
  • Iridescent Silver (Fine)

Colors Available in 4oz:

  • Iridescent Gold (Fine)
  • Iridescent Pearl (Fine)


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