Gorgeous Pillow Box
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Gorgeous Pillow Box

Create festive packaging for some goodies with this Gorgeous Pillow Box. Design fantastically unique gift boxes for friends in less than an hour!
Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Shipping Tag
  • Mist – Brown and Gold
  • Circle Cutter (or Other Round Object)
  • Wilton® Doily, 4"
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Recollections® Cardstock – Kraft
  • Tombow® MONO Multi-Liquid Glue
  • Tombow® MONO Removable Adhesive
  • Circle punch
  • Martha Stewart Doily Lace Edge Punch
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Scoring Board
  • Braiding Cord
  • Button
  • Tombow® Power Tabs
  • Patterned paper, Recollections® Paper Pad, 12"x12" – Mosaic Memories
  • Tombow® MONO Adhesive Power Bond
  • Flower
  • Recollections™ Adhesive Pearls

Project Instructions

Step 1
Take of the string from the shipping tag and use brown mist really lightly. Then mist a Wilton® doily with brown and then a bit of gold. Let them dry.

Step 2
To make the box you can take a chance and do it directly on the card-stock you will be using, or you can make a template. The card-stock will be 8½"x 11". Score it at 5" and 10" and fold at the score marks.

Step 3
Using a pencil make a mark one inch away from the border in the four corners. Then using the round object make a line from one mark to the other and the top and then on the bottom.

Step 4
Cut off the excess and you will end up will a cylinder shape. When you open the paper the one inch tab will have a little excess. Make a diagonal cut on the corners and you will end up cutting a triangle.

Step 5
Using the same plate you will make a round score mark from one corner to the other. *Be really careful, is very important that this score line starts and ends in exactly the corner!! Otherwise the box won’t close properly.

Step 6
Fold the score marks slowly since this is not as easy as folding a straight line. When you give it shape you will end up with a rectangle with a concave top and bottom.

Step 7
Once you have the correct shape use the MONO multi-liquid glue to glue the tab and the bottom of the box. Be generous with the adhesive, especially if the gift will be heavy. Use the Tombow® MONO removable adhesive on the top. This way the person will be able to open the gift without ruining the box. You can also use a one inch circle punch and punch half of the circle on the border of the top tab, a little way, to say "open here".

Step 8
Now we are going to make the flower that goes on the doily. You can use the Martha Stewart Crafts™ Doily Lace Edge Punch on a 1½"x 12" strip of paper.

Step 9
Using the scoring board, score every ½ inch then flip the paper down and score every ¼" and every ¾". Then, forming a circle, glue both ends using the MONO multi-liquid glue. Give it two minutes to dry and using a one inch circle with MONO multi-liquid glue give the flower shape until you are satisfied. Hold it for a minute while it dries or put something heavy on it to hold the flower.

Step 10
Glue these layers on the flowers with MONO multi-liquid glue. To top it use some braiding cord in a button and glue it with the Tombow® Power Tabs.

Step 11
Now you that you have your flower, all you need to do is use a 4"x 12" piece of patterned paper to go around the box. To glue it to the box use the MONO Adhesive Power Bond.

Step 12
Go around the box using the braiding cord but make sure that the edges end up in the front where it will be covered later with the embellishments.

Step 13
Put the string back into the shipping tag and using the MONO Adhesive Power Bond or the MONO multi-liquid glue put it in the front of the box.

Step 14
On top of that you will be placing the misted doily and then the flower. To finish it just use two Recollections™ adhesive pearls on the bottom right corner. All the pattern papers on this project are from the Recollections® Mosaic Memories collection. 


When it comes to gift wrapping, try to think out of the conventional box. You can make your own mists using Distress Inks Refills, a touch of Perfect Pearls, and water while using Mini Misters.