Hemp Wrapped Stack Bracelets
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Hemp Wrapped Stack Bracelets

Hemp and Suede add rich texture and bright colors, perfect for you summer jewelry!

Designed by Marie Vetrano.

Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Hemp, 10 lb. – Bloom Bright or Color of Choice
  • Suede Cording
  • Buttons – Color of Choice
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters
  • Duck Tape® (or Clipboard)

Project Instructions

Cut a 16" section of suede cording for each bracelet.

Fold suede cording in half. Make an overhand knot at the fold, leaving a loop big enough for the button to pass through.

Attach loop end to a clipboard or tape to your work surface with a piece of duct tape.

Slide the ends of the cording through the button shank. Knot cording to secure button.

Choose several colors of hemp and cut each into 30" lengths.

Tie the strands onto the cording close to the knot. Hold the hemp ends, and the colors you are not going to wrap right away, close to the suede. Wrap the hemp tightly and continuously around the cording and other hemp strands. When you want to change colors, just pull the color you want forward and hold the previous color close to the suede. Continue to wrap the hemp tightly.

For a multicolor section, wrap 2-3 strands of hemp around the cording at a time.

To make the crisscross overlay: Take a length of hemp, slide under the wrapped cording close to the knot, and bring the hemp ends together. Cross the hemp over and under the cording the entire length of the bracelet and knot at the end close to the knot.

Make several bracelets and stack them.


Attach to the clip on a clipboard or use duct tape to anchor your project as you wrap the hemp. Refer to photo.