How to Make a Homecoming Mum Guide
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How to Make a Homecoming Mum Guide

This downloadable instruction sheet will take you through all the steps in building your perfect homecoming mum.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • 1 - Decorative Backing (Plain Back with Points, Lace Back, Pleated or Ruffled Back)
  • 3 - Paper Disc Backs
  • 1 - Silk Mum
  • 10 yds. #5 Acetate Ribbon of each school color
  • 10 yds. #9 Acetate Ribbon of each school color
  • 10 yds. Assorted Printed or Decorative Ribbon (assorted sizes)
  • Assorted Trinkets
  • Garlands
  • Glitter Lettering
  • Chenille Stem - optional (creates a more secure hanger and keeps mum from separating)

Project Instructions

1. To best secure mum, trim stem flush with plastic calyx on back of mum.

2. Spread petals to expose hole on center of mum and insert a chenille stem through the front. Bend back end of chenille stem(about 1/8”), apply a small amount of glue and pull through, securing chenille stem in center of mum.

3. Glue back of mum to decorative backing, running chenille stem through hole in center, then set aside.

4. To make streamers, cut ribbons and garlands into 1yard lengths. Glue to paper disc in layers, alternating sizes and colors, and slightly overlapping - be sure to leave garlands, decorative ribbons and lettered name ribbons for the front.

5.Cut a 6” length of #9 Acetate ribbon to make a loop at top - this is folded, then glued and stapled to top of paper disc as shown.

6. Glue back of paper disc with mum to front of paper disc with streamers, running chenille stem through center of back paper disc. Hold
securely until glue is set.

7. Chenille stem is then twisted to form a loop, and glued to back of paper disc to make asecure hanger. Another paper disc is then added to finish back.

8.Attach trinkets as desired. Mum is worn using a corsage pin through ribbon loop.


To make sure ribbons will hand as desired - attach disc to vertical wall or piece of cardboard.