Jean M® Color Recipes



Choosing your wedding colors is an important step in setting the style for your celebration. Are you wondering where to start when selecting the colors of your big day? Consider these factors.


Your Season


Some seasons have "built-in" colors, like browns and spice tones in autumn, pastels in spring, red for Valentine’s Day, icy blue and silver in winter, and bold floral shades in summer. Take advantage of those seasonal colors at the time of your celebration, and build your wedding around them.


Your Location


Wedding in the tropics? Go with exotic colors and bright tones to make a splash. Beach wedding? The colors of the sand, sea and sky are your natural choices. Formal wedding in a traditional church? Choose rich cream, pure white and touches of silver or gold for elegance.


Your Attire


If you’ve fallen in love with the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses, there’s no reason you can’t choose stationery and other elements to coordinate! Even if you’re dressed in formal black and white, remember to choose a color to add a fresh "pop" (like red, green, yellow or blue) and bring style to your event.


Your Heritage


Show your pride in your heritage by choosing wedding colors that symbolize it. Couples of Irish descent could choose shades of green. Asian couples may add in red for good luck.


Your Personality


What’s YOUR favorite color? Choose it for your wedding, no matter what time of year you’re married, no matter what your wedding location. And there’s nothing at all wrong with combining many different shades of the same color (fuchsia, light pink, coral, red, etc.) for a look that’s lush and elegant.

Once you have chosen your wedding colors, bring it into every element of your wedding! Start with invitations that introduce your color scheme and set the tone for your event. Then accent with accessories that will flow your color from the ceremony to the reception, like programs, napkins, place cards, favors and decorations. And don’t forget the finishing touches, like ribbons, rhinestones and pearls!

Take a look at our Color Inspiration examples below to give you ideas for mixing, matching and coordinating colors. Then get creative and start building your colorful wedding!




Different shades wedded together turn your entire day into Something Blue! Choose our Bold Double Border Invitation in aqua for a fresh and trendy look, our Dramatic Damask Invitation in cornflower for softness, or a blue Colorful Monogram Invitation in a black pocket for drama. Accent with blue napkins, blue envelopes and personalized blue seals to coordinate your look. Add satin and chiffon ribbon and  blue rhinestones  for elegance and just a touch of sparkling glamour!



We love the look of a bright color paired with black. It's dramatic, modern and so you! Choose Retro Posies Invitation in bubble gum pink, Mod Medallion Invitation in black and fuchsia, Elegant Filigree in black with a fuchsia pocket, Garden Trellis Invitation in fuchsia or Jean M Fuchsia Invitation Card all will set a pretty-in-pink tone perfectly. Accent with satin and chiffon ribbon and pink rhinestones  for elegance and just a touch of sparkling glamour!






Treat yourself royally with a wedding in shades of purple! Choose our Bold Border Invitation in lilac and enclosure cards in orchid and white for a fresh look, our Damask Crest Invitation in deep purple for drama, or our floral Retro Posies Invitation in grapevine purples for a colorful touch. Accent with purple napkins, purple envelopes and personalized purple seals to coordinate your look. Add satin and chiffon ribbon and purple rhinestones for elegance and just a touch of sparkling glamour!


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