Knit and Wood Medallion Lampshade
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Knit and Wood Medallion Lampshade

This beautiful lampshade cover is made to fit a drum lampshade (13" tall, 62" decreasing to 55" diameter) but can be customized to fit any shade.

Designed by Beverly Burch.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Vanna’s Choice® Yarn, small

Vanna’s Choice® Yarn


Material List

  • Drum Lampshade (13" Tall, 62" Decreasing to 55" Diameter)
  • Vanna’s Choice® Yarn – Autumn Print (2 Skeins)
  • Ultimate Sweater Machine
  • Ribbon
  • Wood Medallions
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • E-6000® Adhesive
  • Foam Dots, Double-sided
  • Paint Pens

Project Instructions

Step 1 On the Ultimate Sweater Machine, open end cast on 50 needles.

Step 2 Knit to approximate diameter of lampshade and bind off. (This project was too short, so on open end, I slipped on size 6 knitting needles and hand knit to get the right diameter.)

Step 3 Whipstitch together and check fit before fastening off. You could also crochet this part if needed. It will be covered up later with ribbon.

Step 4 Single crochet evenly around top and bottom to fit height of shade. This project took 5 rows of single crochet around top and bottom. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Step 5 Slip on shade.

Step 6 Cut four pieces of ribbon to fit vertically over shade. The ends should overlap inside the shade. Glue in place on inside of shade only using E-6000®.

Step 7 For the wood medallions, paint with acrylic paint as desired and let dry.

Step 8 Water down complementary color and antique medallions to fill in cracks. Leave on a few minutes then wipe off antiquing to show base colors. Let dry.

Step 9 Use paint pen to highlight as desired.

Step 10 Glue medallions to ribbon with E-6000®.

Step 11 Use double-sided foam dots to secure the medallions that are placed on knitted body of shade.