Lion Brand® Vanna’s Choice® Pepperoni Pizza Garland (Crochet)
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Lion Brand® Vanna’s Choice® Pepperoni Pizza Garland (Crochet)

There’s only one thing that comes to my mind when I think of college, new adventures and dorm life: PIZZA. This crocheted pepperoni pizza garland is a colorful and festive dorm room decoration for walls, windows or doorways, and it’s really easy to make as long or short as you want. I love garlands as a statement of celebration for every day. Give a home-away-from-home a bright, playful and cozy touch with these tasty slices!

Twinkie Chan is a crochet designer from San Francisco with an insatiable appetite for creating fun, food-themed accessories. Since she launched her website in 2005 with a dozen scrumptious scarves, her unique work has been featured online, in print, on television and in art shows. Inspired by the high demand from her fans for her crochet patterns, she published her first book, "Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies: 20 Yummy Treats To Wear,” in 2010.,

Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Vanna’s Choice® Yarn, small

Vanna’s Choice® Yarn


Material List

  • Crochet Hook, Size H/5.0mm
  • Lion Brand® Vanna’s Choice® Yarn – Duckie (15 Yds./ Slice; 90 Yds. for Garland), Scarlet (3 Yds./ Slice; 18 Yds. for Entire Garland), Honey (8 Yds./ Slice; 48 Yds. for Entire Garland) and White (10 Yds.)
  • Caron® Simply Soft® Yarn – Autumn Red (9 Yds./ Slice; 54 Yds. for Entire Garland)
  • Scissors (or Yarn Cutter)
  • Tapestry Needle

Project Instructions

Gauge: Gauge is not very important in this project. The pizza slices in the image measure approximately 5½" across the widest point and 7" tall.

Note: The creator used a particular method to increase stitches in the pizza slice in order to make the edges of her work super straight and clean, but as long as you increase Rows 1-15 by 1 stitch per each row, your garland will still look fine. Pizza Slice – 6 are shown, but you can adjust to your preference.

Cheese: With Duckie, ch 3.

Row 1: Sk 1st 2 chs, 1 hdc in last ch. (1)

Row 2: Ch 2, turn. Work 2 hdc evenly. Your last hdc is worked in the top of the ch 2 from the previous row. You will continue to work this way for Rows 3-15. (2) See Photo 1.



Row 3: Ch 2, turn. 3 hdc. (3)

Row 4: Ch 2, turn. 4 hdc. (4)

Row 5: Ch 2, turn. 5 hdc. (5)

Row 6: Ch 2, turn. 6 hdc. (6)

Row 7: Ch 2, turn. 7 hdc. (7)

Row 8: Ch 2, turn. 8 hdc. (8)

Row 9: Ch 2, turn. 9 hdc. (9)

Row 10: Ch 2, turn. 10 hdc. (10)

Row 11: Ch 2, turn. 11 hdc. (11)

Row 12: Ch 2, turn. 12 hdc. (12)

Row 13: Ch 2, turn. 13 hdc. (13)

Row 14: Ch 2, turn. 14 hdc. (14)

Row 15: Ch 2, turn. 15 hdc. (15)

Row 16: Ch 1, turn. [1 sc, sk 1, 4 dc in next st, sk 1, 1 sc] Repeat 3 times. (18) Break off Duckie and join Scarlet.

Sauce: With Scarlet

Row 17: With Scarlet, ch 3, turn. Ch 3 counts as 1 dc, but still start row in the 1st stitch. [1 dc, 1 hdc, 2 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc] 3 times. Work one more dc in last st. (20) Break off Scarlet and join Honey.

Crust: With Honey

Rows 18 - 20: With Honey, ch 2, turn. Work hdc evenly across. (20) Break off Honey. Weave in all ends. (See Photo 2.)


Pepperoni – I made 18 (3 for each Pizza Slice), but you can adjust to your preference.

With Autumn Red

Make magic ring or ch 3 and sl st to 1 stch to form ring. Rnd 1: Ch 2 (does not count as 1st stitch), work 13 dc into ring. Sl st to 1st dc to join. Break off, leaving 18 inches of yarn for sewing.


Step 1 Weave in and trim the yarn tail from the center of each Pepperoni. With right sides of Pepperoni facing you, and right side of the last row of pizza crust facing you, sew 3 Pepperoni to each Pizza Slice in various arrangements.

Step 2 With White (or whatever color you choose to string your pizza slices), ch 10 tightly and sl st to 1 stch to form a loop for hanging the garland. Then ch 30 tightly. Pick up a Pizza Slice and work 20 sc across the top of the slice with the Pepperoni facing you. Ch 3 tightly. (See Photo 3.)

[Pick up the next Pizza slice and work 20 sc across the top with the Pepperoni facing you. Ch 3 tightly.] Repeat until you run out of pizza slices. Then ch 30 tightly again. Continue to ch 10 more, then sk 9 chs and sl st into 10th ch to form another loop and break off. Weave in all ends.


ch(s) = chain(s)

dc = double crochet

hdc = half double crochet

rnd(s) = round(s)

sc = single crochet

sk = skip sl

st = slip stitch

st(s) = stitch(es)

YO = yarn over

[ ] = repeat what is inside the brackets the number of times indicated