Little Lion Costume
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Little Lion Costume

Hear them roar for you after creating this adorable lion costume!

Designed by Kim Bell courtesy of  Velcro USA Inc.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Clear Velcro®, small

Clear Velcro®


Material List

  • VELCRO® Brand Clear tape 5' x ¾"
  • (1) yellow hoodie
  • (1) skein of brown fuzzy / chenille yarn
  • Yellow felt - 9" x 12" sheets (2)
  • White felt - small piece
  • Craft glue
  • Patterns for claws and paws (download button below)

Project Instructions

Measure around outside edge of hood. Cut VELCRO® Brand Clear tape to length. Apply loop side to outside edge of hood.
On hook side, partially remove tape backing. Leaving a 3" tail, stick yarn to end of tape. Make 3" loops from yarn and stick to tape. Continue to loop back and forth until entire tape is filled with yarn, up to the tape backing, 3" from the end. Attach to outside of hood for mane.

Cut 1" x 12" strip from yellow felt.

Tail Tassel:

Cut eight to ten 6" pieces of yarn. Lie side by side and tie at center with another 6" piece; fold over at tie. Cut 15" piece of yarn. Leaving a 3" tail, wrap around top of tassel several times and tie ends to secure. Use craft glue to secure tassel to end of tail.
Cut 1" of clear tape. Apply hook side to back of tail. Apply loop side to center back of hoodie at bottom edge. Attach tail to hoodie.

Print out PDF patterns (button at bottom of page). Cut out paws from yellow felt and claws from white felt. Glue claws to toes on paws.

Cut ½" of VELCRO® Brand Clear tape. Apply hook tape to top of one side of paw strap and loop tape to underside of other strap. Cut slits in top of paws and loop shoestrings or shoe strap through slits to keep paws in place.

After wearing, remove mane, tail, and VELCRO® Brand Clear tape to return hoodie to original condition.



Use disappearing ink marking pen for transferring patterns.

Use VELCRO® Brand Clear fasteners to temporarily apply decorations to clothing. They are not permanent to fabric and can be removed without damage to fabric.