Monogrammed Favor Boxes
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Monogrammed Favor Boxes

Create the perfect finishing touch for your event with these Monogrammed Favor Boxes. Paint the tops and bottoms different coordinating colors and choose a font that works with the theme and style of your event.
Craft Time: Under 30 mins
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Select Colors of Design Master® COLORTOOL® Spray (Robin's Egg & Olive Bright were used here)
  • white jewelry boxes
  • sheer ribbon
  • self-adhesive pearls
  • rub-on initials and wording

Project Instructions

Step 1
On a protected surface lay box top and bottom with openings face down.

Step 2
Apply 2 light coats of selected COLORTOOL Spray hue, spraying approx. 12" from surface. Let dry between coats. Dries quickly.

Step 3
Decorate as desired. (Self-adhesive pearls, rub-on words and ribbons are shown here.)

Spray Tip – This process easily adapts to production line assembly. Line up several boxes/tops at a time when spraying. Surface dries quickly to start decorating. 


Quick drying color makes painting multiples easy. Spray several boxes and lids at one time on protected surface.