Multifunction Space Storage

Create a seamless crossover space by using the storage as a base. This allows your space to have multiple purposes without visually seeing the areas collide. It also allows for flexibility when one purpose requires more space than another.

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Philips Head Screwdriver (Electric Preferred)
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Left Wall:

  • Drawer Cube with Three Drawers (1)
  • Drawer Cube with Four Drawers (1)
  • Drawer Cube with Two Drawers and Dividers (1)
  • Multi Cube with Four Drawers and Hinged Cubby (1)
  • Combo Cube with Drawer and Dividers (1)
  • Drawer Cube with Two Clear Front Drawers (1)
  • Shelf Cube with Three Removable Shelves (2)
  • Combo Cube with Four Removable Shelves (1)
  • 3-pk Peg Boards (1 Set)
  • Wall Ribbon Holder (1)

Right Wall:

  • Wall Shelves (1 Set)
  • 6-cube Organizer (1 Set)

Additional Accessories:

  • Small Rectangular Fabric Box – Black & White
  • Medium Rectangular Fabric Box – Black & White
  • Large Rectangular Fabric Box – Black & White
  • Fabric Paper Tray – Black & White
  • Fabric Tray with Dividers – Black & White
  • Fabric Magazine File – Black & White

Product Features:

  • Assembles quickly and it's easy to clean
  • Classic white finish
  • Constructed of durable, high-quality MDF fiberboard
  • Mix and match cubes to create a unique storage system for all your projects