Not Your Grandfather's Woodburning

Forget what you think you know about woodburning - this project takes this craft in a stylish new direction. Use your Versa Tool™ to create this stylish wall decor piece.

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Walnut Hollow® Creative Versa-Tool™ Kit
  • Basswood Round Plate, 24.1 cm (9½")
  • Metal Ruler
  • Pliers
  • Pencil
  • Sandpaper, Fine
  • Glass or Ceramic Dish, Small
  • Spray Varnish, Satin
  • Tape
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Step 1
After reading all manufacturer's instructions found inside the Creative Versa-Tool™ Kit, use pliers to attach Universal Point on Tool. Secure Tool Stand to work surface with tape. Place Tool on Stand. Plug into electric outlet, turn Versa-Temp control dial to Orange Zone and heat for four to five minutes.

Step 2
Meanwhile, to prepare basswood plate for wood-burning, use fine sandpaper to lightly sand entire plate. Remove dust with a paper towel.

Step 3
Use a pencil and metal ruler to lightly draw lines to section off border of plate in a random way, as shown in photo. Using metal ruler as a guide, wood-burn plate border with the Universal Point, drawing straight lines to make sections. Turn Versa-Temp control dial to Red Zone.

Step 4
Fill in “basket weave” section using the Universal Point by placing end of Point directly on wood, then lift off, moving a little, then placing the end of the Point down again, repeating until coming to the end of the row. Create weave with four horizontal lines, then four vertical lines, trying to keep lines even until section is filled.

Step 5
Fill in another border section on Plate using Universal Point with “crosshatching”. Using metal ruler to help keep lines straight, burn straight lines in one direction, then crossing over those lines with lines burned at a different angle. Add an “X” to each place where the lines meet with Universal Point by simply placing the Point halfway between each cross-section and touching the Plate with the Point. Use pliers to remove Universal Point and drop into ceramic dish.

Step 6
Attach Flow Point securely to Tool with pliers. Fill in two border sections with spiral design, adding single dots also.

Step 7
Use Flow Point to fill in “flower” section, adding single dots.

Step 8
Centre band is burned solid with the Flow Point. Also add decorative lines as shown in photo to solid straight lines that are used to divide plate border. Use pliers to remove the Flow Point and drop into ceramic dish.

Step 9
Attach Shading Point securely to Tool with pliers. Add “leaf” designs for border section. Use edge of Shading Point to add stem, pulling line from centre of leaf. Small marks in section are also made with edge of Shading Point. Use Shading Point to shade on the very edge of the Plate. This shading doesn’t need to be too wide, just enough to burn the edge a nice deep brown to frame the Plate. When complete, remove Shading Point with pliers and drop into ceramic dish.

Step 10
Attach Tapered Point securely to Tool with pliers. Use Point to make various sizes of circle to fill in centre of Plate. Add dots to centre of each circle. Add “stitch lines” as shown around outer edge of Plate and inner circle around Plate centre. When complete, turn Versa-Temp control dial to “O” (off).

Step 11
For a protective finish, spray with two or three coats of satin varnish.


Let the heat from the Creative Versa-Tool™ do the work for you. No need to press hard, just follow the manufacturer's instructions found with the Tool and have fun.

Adult supervision is required at all times.