Easter Egg Floral Arrangement

Using a craft egg as a vase, you can create this bountiful Easter arrangement for your home.


  • Celebrate It™ Large Easter Craft Egg - colour of choice
  • Green Floral Styrofoam®
  • 6-7 Ashland™ Large Gerber Daisy Stems
  • 5-6 Ashland™ Large Lily Stems or a Lily Bush
  • 1 Ashland™ Spring Tulip Bush
  • Filler flowers - such as wildflowers, singe branches or grasses
  • Small Ashland™ Spring Berry Branches
  • Celebrate It® Easter Ribbon - Wide - Pattern and Colour of Choice
  • Celebrate It® Easter Ribbon - Thin - Pattern and Colour of Choice
  • Walnut Hollow® Versa Tool™
  • Sandpaper - Fine Grit
  • Pencil
  • Serrated Kitchen Knife (customer's own)
  • Floral Wire Cutters
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
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Step 1
Freehand "cracked" egg pattern around egg above mid-centre.

Step 2
Once desired pattern is achieved, cut with Versa Tool™ using Hot Knife Tip.

Step 3
Separate egg. Lightly use sandpaper to remove rough edges.

Step 4
Glue wide ribbon right below "cracked" pattern with hot glue gun.

Step 5
Glue thinner ribbon over wide ribbon.

Step 6
Cut Styrofoam® to fit into egg using serrated kitchen knife. Styrofoam® should not show above cracked pattern.

Step 7
Secure foam to bottom of egg with hot glue.

Step 8
Cut stems at alternating heights using floral wire cutters.

Step 9
Using large Gerber Daisies first, fill out basic shape of the arrangement.

Step 10
Follow with Lilies and Tulips to finish out basic shape. You will need to cut apart any bushes you use to get flowers to fill where you need.

Step 11
Finish by filling in open spaces with grasses, branches and small florals.

Step 12
Cut berry branches short and fill in at the base of the arrangement to cover the Styrofoam® and any open space seen inside the egg.


To give your egg a "cracked" look around the edge, draw the design with a pencil before cutting with your Versa Tool. Then, for a smooth finish, lightly sand the edges with sandpaper.